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Best news apps for Android in 2024

With the advent of social media, the general news source has changed to apps like X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram. However, we all know these platforms can’t be entirely trusted as authentic sources of news. Therefore, getting the best news apps for your Android phone is essential.

But then, the needs of every individual vary in terms of news consumption. While some of us are avid news readers, others need news suited to their lifestyles – it could be business, geopolitics, tech, fashion, pop culture, sports, and so on. In this blog, I have listed some of the best news apps that cater to all these needs. Read on to find the right one for you!

What makes for a good news app?

Your being here makes it clear that you are looking for an authentic news source that delivers news relevant to your interests. While browsers and social media apps also show news articles and information, they are not curated to your likes. Nor can they always keep you updated with the happenings globally.

So, how do you choose the best news app from the many available on the Play Store? Some of the basic features that I generally look for in a news app include content variety with quality, a user-friendly interface, trustworthiness or credibility, and relevant notifications or alerts.

Additionally, you may also look for some bonus features, such as cross-platform availability, Ad experience, speed and performance, offline reading, search functionality, bookmarking, etc. If you have set your priorities, get ready to pick the best news app for your Android phone.

Best news apps for Android

After thorough research, testing, and consideration of the abovementioned factors, I have come up with a list of the finest news apps you can get right now. Let’s dive right in.

1. The New York Times – Editor’s Choice

The New York Times Android news app

I had to add The New York Times at the top of the list. I grew pretty fond of the app for various reasons. From an engaging interface to authentic news in real-time, the app has it all. Whether it is breaking news, in-depth analysis, or feature stories, I liked the overall comprehensive and engaging news experience.

The New York Times was one of the first news organizations to ask for subscriptions in exchange for unhindered access to news articles. But such is the trustworthiness of this Pulitzer-winning organization that its app is among Play Store’s most popular and highest-rated news apps. 

Coming to the engaging interface, its intuitive and user-friendly layout made navigation a breeze for me. Every aspect of the app was organized and personalized. Also, push notifications of the news curated to my interest brought me relevant information as and when it happened.

The personalized news feed ensured I stayed updated with the news that mattered the most to me. Moreover, within the Play tab of the app, I came across word and number games, including Wordle, Sudoku, and The Mini. Nostalgic newspaper experience!

Additionally, the app had so much more to offer. Live news alerts, a wide range of multimedia content, offline reading, today at a glance, recipes, independent product reviews from Wirecutter, and whatnot! If you are looking for an app that offers comprehensive coverage with a sleek interface, this is the one.

  • Comprehensive news coverage in real-time
  • Sleek and user-friendly interface
  • Customized news and notifications


  • Most features require a subscription

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

2. CNN – Best free news app for Android

CNN Breaking US and World News app for Android

CNN is undoubtedly the best free news app for Android. I liked how detail-oriented the entire app interface is. For instance, on the app’s home page, you get the basic categorization of the news. Within the top news, you also get access to trending topics, ensuring you can glance at everything new at once.

I also liked how the app is extra-personalized. The app curates the news feed on whether you want US-based news or news for people across the globe. I could further personalize the app by choosing the sectors I’m interested in. These preferences are customizable from app settings.

The dedicated Watch section of the app offers news videos from all sectors. You can listen to your favorite anchors’ exclusive news videos and podcasts. However, some users might find the interface cluttered due to its detail-oriented approach.

  • In-depth news coverage
  • Efficient segregation and personalization of news
  • News videos and podcasts


  • Busy, crowded interface

Price: Free

3. AP News – Trusted source for real-time news

AP News app for Android

If you are looking for a news app with the most reliable information, AP News is the perfect fit. AP News, or the Associated Press, is a non-profit news cooperative owned by Television stations, newspapers, and broadcast members.

The app relies on trustworthy news sources for its international and local news. I really liked its curated news hubs, personalized feeds, and notifications. Further, the app also features award-winning photographs and articles from across the globe. To be accessible to a larger audience, the information is provided in both English and Spanish.

I didn’t find a lot of advanced features in the app, but considering the app is available for free, I must say it does a pretty decent job. In fact, it catered to every basic requirement that I have from a news app.

  • Reliable news sources
  • Award-winning photos and articles from across the world
  • International and local news at a place


  • Ads may ruin your overall experience

Price: Free

4. The Guardian – Unbiased reporting and analysis

The Guardian News app for Android

For the ones looking for unbiased analysis and authentic reporting, The Guardian is an amazing choice. The readers primarily fund the Guardian app, and it offers a limited number of articles to read for free. So, if you are an avid follower of the news, you will need a subscription to get unlimited access to all articles.

I liked the clean interface of the app. The overall navigation through different sources and news articles was relatively easy. Additionally, the app offers comprehensive coverage of various topics, including politics, international news, technology, sports, the economy, etc.

What impressed me further was the in-depth coverage of every topic. Every news story I read was extensively researched and meticulously reported.

  • Reliable reporting and unbiased analysis
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of topics


  • Most advanced features are behind the paywall

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

5. Google News – Personalised news app for Android

Google News app for Android

I have added this one to my list of best news apps because of its highly personalized news feed. Google News uses AI to curate news from across the globe and makes sure you receive everything you need. It’s like Google knows what information will pique your interest!

The app is integrated with other Google services like Google Search and YouTube. So, based on your search history and YouTube watch history, etc., the app curates the content according to your preferences and interests. Further, on the home page, the app displays major or recent headlines with the option to access full coverage.

The app in itself is free to download and use. However, you might have to pay a certain amount to read specific articles.

  • AI-based, highly personalized set of news
  • Complete coverage of major topics from different sources
  • Not much manual personalization is needed


  • Lacks reader’s view

Price: Free

6. BBC News – Global coverage, trusted analysis

BBC News Android news app

BBC is synonymous with news. It has a reputation for bringing news from across the globe to our fingertips. I had high expectations when installing this app, and it definitely lived up. I was awed by the way basic features were added to a clean interface.

The app features various sections, sorting different categories of news. The top news section features breaking news in different categories and from different parts of the world. You can find other articles or categories in the Explore section based on your past reads.

Further, under the Popular section, you can find the most read articles. Another significant aspect of BBC News is its extensive video and podcast options. Additionally, the live BBC World Service radio is perfect if you wish to listen to the news while doing your chores.

  • Supports multi-layer video editing
  • Offers color-grading functionality
  • Supports auto-reframing


  • Lacks advanced features

Price: Free

7. Flipboard – Cool interface with personalized magazine

Flipboard Android news app

One look at Flipboard, and you’ll know why it’s called so. The intuitive flip instead of the typical scrolling makes the experience similar to reading magazines. Interestingly, the app actually offers various magazines across different genres.

The Explore section allowed me to come across other news categories. I also came across the option of changing the regional editions. For instance, choosing the Korean edition gave me local news from Korea in the Hangeul language.

Other features, such as liking articles, commenting on them, or adding them, require you to sign in to the app. However, the app is entirely free, and there is no need for any subscription apart from when you wish to read articles from a source that needs a subscription.

  • Unique, gorgeous interface
  • Easy exploring and search option
  • Personalized magazine


  • Certain publications within the app require a subscription

Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)

8. Feedly – Engaging news app with superb UI

Feedly Engaging news app for Android

This one is my personal favorite, and I have been using this app for a while now. Feedly is perfect if you like your news delivered in RSS form.

I love how I can curate my news sources from a vast ambit of categories. I mean, I could find everything happening in the tech world and could also find obscure cat memes. The app lets me add and organize my preferred websites, blogs, and YouTube channels to render a self-tailored newspaper.

I am amazed by the AI algorithm of the app, too. I love how it makes me come across fascinating content aligned with my interests and how it constantly learns from my reading habits. Moreover, the clean, clutter-free interface adds to the reasons why I love Feedly.

The best part is that it flawlessly syncs across my phone, tablet, and desktop. So, the feed I came across during my commute to work on my phone – I can read it on my desktop during lunch break.

The way Feedly organizes RSS feeds into folders makes it quite productive. For instance, I’ve got folders for “Work,” “Leisure,” and “Random Cool Stuff.” It keeps my reading list tidy.

  • News rendered in RSS form
  • Robust AI algorithm to learn and personalize feed
  • Save for later and device sync


  • Occasional glitches, new articles not loading

Price: Free ( In-app purchases start at $7.99)

9. Microsoft Start – News, weather, and more

Microsoft Start News app for Android

Next on the list, I have Microsoft Start for you. The app is more or less like Google News when it comes to its look, personalization, and working.

The app relies on content from over 1000 global premium publishers to offer a wide range of information curated to your interests. The use of AI and machine learning ensures that the more you use the app, the better and more tailored your feeds will become.

Like Google News, Microsoft Start renders news and articles from different categories on the home page. If you wish to explore news in particular, you can find a dedicated news icon next to the home icon. Moreover, news sharing and cross-platform sync options are other features worth appreciating.

The app also adds the Bing CoPilot to the mix. This is a generative AI tool that you can use to ask anything, including the happenings around the topics of your interest. Additionally, it does the job of a dedicated weather app by providing live and precise weather updates. The Commute feature provides a real-time map to keep you updated on traffic and directions.

  • Personalized and functional news app
  • Customizable widgets and taskbar integration
  • Precise weather updates


  • Minor bugs while loading articles occasionally

Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases of $20 per item)

10. Al Jazeera – Unfiltered perspectives

Al Jazeera news app for Android

Al Jazeera is another renowned news app with an unbiased perspective and in-depth coverage. I was pretty satisfied with the app’s way of covering even the most controversial topics in an earnest manner.

Apart from in-depth news in written and video format, AL Jazeera is home to quality podcasts with insightful discussions. Additionally, thanks to the option of switching to the Dark mode, my late-night news reading sessions were easy on my eyes.

  • Unfiltered news and unbiased opinions
  • In-depth, fact-based news coverage
  • Insightful videos and podcasts.


  • Sometimes takes long to load articles

Price: Free


The above-listed apps are the best smart news apps you can download on your Android and use for free or with a subscription.

Which one do you plan to download? Do let me know in the comments.


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