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Best Apple Vision Pro alternatives in 2024

Apple Vision Pro has shaken the AR/VR sector with its gorgeous frame and feature-packed software. Oh, but did I mention that it costs a whopping $3499 for you to buy one? Sounds too much, right? This is why I have compiled this list of the best Apple Vision Pro alternatives that will fit your pockets well!

The list defines some premium Vision Pro alternatives that come with all the necessary features and give you the most satisfying AR/VR experiences. Every product here has a detailed description and set of pros and cons to help you choose the right headset. So, let’s quickly dive in!

1. Meta Quest 3 – Editor’s Choice

Meta Quest 3 alternative to Apple Vision Pro

Meta Quest 3 is one of the finest substitutes for Apple Vision Pro. No, I am not promoting Meta’s headset. Instead, I am sharing my honest opinion as a hands-on user. Ergonomics, controls, or experiences – Quest 3 quickly ticked off my entire checklist. Its Touch Plus controllers gave me excellent spatial detection, immersion, and haptics.   

Made of plastic, the VR headset has a sleek chassis, curved sides, padded face cushions, an adjustable harness, and elastic straps. However, with a battery life of 2-3 hours, I had to constantly track its power percentage. Thankfully, its USB-C charging port makes charging easy.   

The gadget’s components include dual micro-OLED screens offering better-than-4K resolution and multiple refresh rates. It also has four cameras, two for spatial tracking and two 4MP RGB cameras. A 3.5mm headphone jack and speakers also find their place on the headset.  

Further, Quest 3 boasts next-gen eye-tracking technology, a high-resolution display, and powerful lenses. All of this together promises crisp graphics, a wider field of view, and clear visuals.

  • Two micro-OLED screens 
  • Built-in processor and battery 
  • Four cameras 
  • High-resolution display 


  • Short battery span 

2. Sony PlayStation VR2 – One for the gamers

Sony PlayStation VR2 gaming VR headset alternative to vision pro

While hunting for the best Apple Vision Pro alternatives, the Sony PlayStation VR2 emerged as a popular pick on my trusted sources. After delving into its features, I quickly realized that the PlayStation VR2 is designed for gaming enthusiasts. Its immersive VR ecosystem redefines the gaming experience for you.   

Designed exclusively for PS5, the headset houses a curved frame, a visor with an adjustment button, and a wraparound harness. Moreover, you get a light rubber padding on the face mask to restrict light. However, I highly doubt its comfort level. But I would give it a point for adorning a design that fits people with glasses, like me.   

The PS VR2 comprises two OLED screens delivering 4K HDR displays, up to 120Hz FPS rate, and a 110-degree field of view. Plus, the Tempest 3D AudioTech adapts to the in-game sound based on your head movements and position. In addition, the VR2 Sense controllers give haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, precise tracking, and finger touch detection.   

One of my favorite features of this VR headset is its smart eye tracking. It stimulates emotional responses from your gaming avatar, promising real-like interactions in multiplayer games. In addition, the built-in motor creates intuitive headset vibrations for more fluid gameplay elements. Sounds fun! 

  • Two OLED screens with 4K HDR visuals 
  • 3D audio immersion 
  • Haptic feedback and finger controls 
  • Intelligent eye tracking 


  • Not compatible with PlayStation VR games  

3. Meta Quest 2 – Best VR alternate to Apple Vision Pro

Meta Quest 2 Best VR alternate to Apple Vision Pro

Joining my list of best alternatives for Vision Pro is another product from Meta – the Quest 2. The device strikes a perfect balance between functionality and affordability, with two motion controllers for infinite VR opportunities. Plus, unlike Vision Pro, Quest 2 has a built-in battery that works without a PC, mobile device, or console.   

With Quest 2, indulge in a virtual world with 3D positional audio, seamless hand tracking, outstanding graphics, and smooth controllers. Its sleek and lightweight body lets you move your face and position however you want without feeling an extra bulk. Moreover, the foam padding and adjustable elastic bands promise a perfect fit.   

The Meta Quest 2 is powered by the Snapdragon XR2 chip paired with 6GB RAM. The combination promises smooth navigation and speedy immersion while playing 500+ titles related to games, fitness, entertainment, etc.  

Use this VR headset to get your squad together in social and multiplayer spaces with live events. It’s fun, interactive, and cost-effective – everything you love.   

  • Handy controllers, 3D positional audio, etc.
  • Comes with USB-C port 
  • 500+ titles in multiple genres 
  • Easy setup, portability, and use 


  • Short battery span 

4. XREAL Air 2 Pro – Lightweight frame for easy handling

XREAL Air 2 Pro AR glasses to alternative Apple Vision Pro

The XREAL Air 2 Pro is a true visual treat for AR/VR lovers. It uses micro-OLED panels designed exclusively by SONY to create mesmerizing virtual spaces for you. Though its 46-degree field of view is average, the TÜV Rheinland color accuracy certificate compensates well for the void.   

I was impressed with the four unique display modes offered by the smart glasses. The body anchor mode supports Spatial display, where you can pin your screen in the air for a real TV view! Plus, the Smooth Flow mode reduces display distortions. You also get 3 electromagnetic dimming levels to switch the lighting conditions per your surroundings.

Measuring only 75 grams, Air 2 Pro can easily be worn for extended periods of VR content streaming. The no-pressure nose pads, soft temples, and 1:1 weight distribution bless you with one of the most comfortable fits. In addition, the USB-C video output gives multi-device compatibility to this premium Vision Pro alternative pick.

Moreover, if you are an audiophile like me, be ready for a surprise with these AR glasses. Its advanced audio support provides an immersive soundscape, while the Directional Audio Technology plummets sound dispersion. With the XREAL Air 2 Pro, you will always be in for a no-noise audio treat.   

  • Stunning Spatial display 
  • 3 electrochromic dimming levels 
  • Lightweight and portable  
  • Immersive cinematic audio 


  • Blurry edges on display 
  • Highly-sensitive onscreen controls 

5. HTC Vive Pro 2 – 5K clarity display for virtual verses

HTC Vive Pro 2 Apple Vision Pro Alternative

Teleport yourself into the infinite realm of the virtual world with the HTC Vive Pro 2. Offering a combined resolution of 4896×2448, the device is perfect for viewing, sharing, and exploring your favorite VR content in 5K clarity. Moreover, the 120Hz refresh rate works well for apps involving high-resolution graphics. 

Personally, I like devices offering clear and wide displays because visuals are the main elements. Thankfully, with HTC Vive Pro 2, you get a flawless 120-degree field of view that aligns perfectly with human eyes. Get the most natural views of your virtual surroundings paired with a high-resolution 3D spatial sound system and an amplifier for real-like soundscapes.

Furthermore, the HTC Vive Pro 2 has a professional ergonomic design that promises comfort even when worn for long hours. The brand claims to offer a fit for multiple head sizes and vision types. Plus, the IPD adjustment dial saves your eyes from strain and pressure. Even when used with glasses, the device gives the best experiences with VR content, apps, and games.

  • 5K resolution display 
  • Perfect fit for multiple head sizes 
  • IPD adjustment dial 


  • Not the best customer support 
  • Less durable 

6. Meta Quest Pro – Multitask with resizable displays

Meta Quest Pro premium alternative to Apple Vision Pro

Redefine the way you work, think, and collaborate inside virtual spaces with yet another Meta product – the Quest Pro. Though it is slightly expensive, it is still one of the most affordable Apple Vision Pro alternatives. However, Meta Quest Pro’s sleek frame and comfortable fit grabbed my attention.

Treat yourself to jaw-dropping visuals using Quest Pro’s Pancake lenses, improved pixel density, and quantum dot technology. In addition, the resizable screens allow you to do multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, you can view files in one window, scroll Instagram in another, or stream music in the third.

With Meta Quest Pro, you won’t find a dull moment because features like mixed reality passthrough, dedicated color sensors, and powerful hardware blur the line between virtual and reality. Further, intuitive Meta avatars that mimic your real-time facial expressions create the most engaging virtual environments.

  • Clear display with Pancake lenses 
  • Multiple screens support 
  • Interactive digital avatars  
  • Sleek and ergonomic design 


  • Unclear audio 
  • Some people might face fit issues 

7. Steam Valve Index – Smooth controls and handy frame

Steam Valve Index Apple Vision Pro alternatives

Valve Index is a PC-tethered VR headset designed for those who love the thrilling experience of virtual games. After all, what less can you expect from Steam, the video game giant and creator of this device? My favorite, however, is the VR controllers, which offer smooth finger tracking and natural experiences at your fingertips.   

Regarding display, Steam’s Valve Index boasts a stunning setup of two 1440 x 1600 LCDs and canted lenses. The front panel hosts two cameras, offering an impressive room view. They project objects in your proximity via 2D and 3D outlines, saving you from bumping or tripping in the virtual verse. You can also grab physical objects while keeping the gear on.   

Other essential elements of the Valve Index headset include a utility button to enable the SteamVR overlay, a slider for adjusting the pupillary distance between 58 mm and 70 mm, two microphones, and a pair of speakers. Further, like other Apple Vision Pro alternatives in this list, Steam Valve Index also offers 3D Spatial audio for crisp soundscapes and USB-C for easy connectivity.   

  • Smart finger-tracking controllers 
  • Efficient 120Hz refresh rate  
  • Plenty of Steam’s VR content 


  • Setting up can be a hassle 

8. Magic Leap 2 – Dual processors for smoother usage

Magic Leap 2 Alternatives to vision pro

Do you want to be present in the real and virtual world simultaneously? Well, then, Magic Leap 2 is the ideal companion for you. Unlike Meta Quest 3 or Quest 2, Magic Leap 2 needs a tethered connection to a separate Compute Pack. It holds the battery and is worn on your back. I found this to be a major bummer for portability and movement.   

Equipped with a robust infrastructure, Magic Leap 2 boasts two processors for seamless, low-latency usage on all applications. One handles low-intensity tasks, while the Compute Pack manages high-intensity work. The brand claims to incorporate one of the best CPU/GPUs in this standalone headset.   

The built-in cameras and sensors create accurate 3D maps of physical spaces and surroundings. With Inertial Measurement Units, the headset aligns your virtual experiences in sync with your position in the physical arena. Plus, the glasses ensure that your AR visuals remain stable, irrespective of movement. Lastly, the device offers tools and a community for developers to create new ecosystems.  

  • Smart and intuitive interface 
  • Two processors for work management 
  • 3D mapping of spaces 


  • Not very portable  


With tech giants like Apple and Meta thriving to become the leaders in the mixed reality space, user choices have expanded manifold. This list showcases the most affordable alternatives to the Apple Vision Pro, with promising options for you to invest in.

Also, if you have purchased the Vision Pro or any other AR/VR headset, let me know how your experience was in the comments below!

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