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4 Best Galaxy S24 Ultra camera lens protectors in 2024

The cameras on the Galaxy S24 Ultra are amazing, so a lens protector is a must. But there are various lens protectors in the market to confuse you. So, I’ve curated a list of the best lens protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S24 you can trust!

To elaborate, the S24 Ultra’s camera setup comes with a 200MP primary lens, 12MP Ultra-wide lens, 10MP lens with 3X Optical Zoom, and a new 50MP Telephoto lens with 5X Optical Zoom. So, while picking lens protectors for this setup, you must ensure that they don’t reduce the overall capacity of these amazing cameras.

To save you the hassle, I have scoured the internet to find the best Galaxy S24 Ultra camera lens protectors you can buy now. These lens protectors will save your cameras from scratches and also facilitate quality shots.

1. Spigen Optic Pro EZ Fit – Editor’s Choice

Spigen Optik Pro EZ Fit camera lens protector

If you want the camera lenses of your S24 Ultra to be safe from all angles, Spigen’s Optic Pro EZ Fit is your best bet. It’s made of 9H tempered glass for the best durability and has an oleophobic coating for fingerprint resistance.

The packaging includes two lens protectors and a cleaning set. The EZ fit try lets you line up the cameras precisely with the lens protector during installation. Lastly, it’s compatible with all the Spigen cases if you ever wish to use one.


  • EZ Fit tray included for installation
  • 9H tempered glass
  • Oleophobic coating


  • No cons found

2. Ringke Camera Lens Frame – Minimal lens covers

Ringke Camera Lens protector

Lens protectors often protrude a little, making them noticeable, but Ringke’s Camera Lens Frame could be a minimalistic option for you if you don’t want the eyes on you. It features an aluminum alloy frame with fingerprint resistance on the glass.

Applying it is straightforward with edge-only adhesives. So, you don’t get anything on the camera lens. Moreover, you can maintain the original look of your S24 Ultra while keeping it safe. Plus, the installation kit is provided in the box to install them quickly.


  • Minimalistic look
  • Installation kid provided
  • Fingerprint resistance


  • Not easy to remove with edge-only adhesive

3. ESR Armorite – Tough lens protector for Galaxy S24 Ultra

ESR for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Lens Protector

If you’re looking for tough lens protectors to keep your camera safe, look no further than ESR’s Armorite lens protectors. These use ultra-tough Armorite glass that has been tested for three military-grade standards.

These have an anti-glare coating that keeps your photos clean. Moreover, the installation kit allows you to align and apply these lens protectors bubble-free. These lens protectors are compatible with most phone cases, so you need not worry about it.


  • 3 military-grade standard
  • Armorite glass
  • Installation kit included


  • No cons found

4. Matekxy Lens Protector – Military-grade protection

Matekxy Lens Protector for Galaxy S24 ultra

There are very few lens protectors in the market that offer the best protection for camera lenses, and Matekxy’s lens protectors are one of them. These are made of premium tempered glass and aluminum alloy for military-grade protection.

The ultra-high transparency level of these protectors lets your S24 Ultra take crystal-clear images. The packaging includes an installation kit that provides a bubble-free and straightforward application. Lastly, there is a removal tool to change them later.


  • Premium tempered glass
  • Ultra-high transparency
  • Installation kit provided


  • Installation can take more time

Protect your Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera lenses!

These were the best Galaxy S24 Ultra lens protectors to protect one of the best cameras on the market. You can get various camera lens protectors in the market, but you should get the one that suits your needs.

Rest assured, you can get these lens protectors for the best protection. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding this guide, please leave them in the comments below.

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