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6 Best OnePlus 12R screen protectors in 2024

A tiny scratch, an unpleasant stain, or a nasty shatter! These are some of the worst nightmares of a smartphone user. I witnessed something similar recently when my close friend bought the all-new OnePlus 12R, dropped it the next day, and got a scratched display. If you want to keep your OnePlus 12R display safe, it’s time to invest in a good screen protector.  

In this article, I have hand-picked some of the best OnePlus 12R screen protectors. These add-ons are an economical solution to keep your phone screen safe from cracks, shatters, dust, dirt, etc. Each product is mentioned with a detailed description. Weigh the pros and cons to get the right screen protector for your OnePlus 12R!

1. Suttkue OnePlus 12R Screen Protector – Editor’s Choice

Suttkue OnePlus 12R Screen Protector

Call me delusional, but I firmly believe that screen protectors are extremely essential for display safety. If you feel the same, then you must get the Suttkue screen guard for your OnePlus 12R. My first hands-on experience with this tempered glass screen protector was quite impressive.

While researching, I learned that the screen protector offers 99% HD clarity and light transmittance without messing up the image quality. Thankfully, the claims sat well when I tested the screen guard in reality. In addition, the installation and removal of the guard was relatively easy.   

The tailor-fit build of the screen cover gave edge-to-edge coverage to my OnePlus 12R display. No gaps, bubbles, or lines. It is one of the best OnePlus 12R bubble-free screen protectors you can find on the market. Moreover, the guard does not attract dust, fingerprints, etc., giving a clean screen to look at. 

  • Easy installation and removal 
  • HD light transmission 
  • Free from dust, fingerprints, bubbles, etc.  
  • Fully transparent  


  • No cons found 

2. BoxWave Screen Protector – Dual-layer protection

BoxWave Anti-Glare Screen Protector for OnePlus 12R

Designed to perfection, the BoxWave screen protector is all you need to keep your OnePlus 12R’s display shining like a star. This premium screen guard boasts a sleek build and has two layers made with some of the finest PET plastics.

The BoxWave screen protector has a unique anti-glare texture. This can protect you from squinting your eyes while working outdoors or under bright lights. It also reduces 90% of UV ray reflection, keeping my eyes safe. In addition, while testing, I noticed that the screen guard didn’t collect scratches, fingerprints, and stains – quite impressive!  

The BoxWave screen protector package comprises two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, and an applicator card for guidance. The installation process is quite easy, and the glue-less adhesive firmly attaches the screen protector to your display. Also, it doesn’t leave stains when you plan to peel it off.

  • Anti-glare properties 
  • Glueless adhesive leaves no stain 
  • Easy installation  
  • UV protection 


  • Comparatively, it is a bit thicker

3. Anbzsign Anti-Spy Protector – Best glass screen protector for OnePlus 12R

Anbzsign Anti-Spy Protector for OnePlus 12R

No list of screen guards is complete without a privacy protector. Luckily, I stumbled upon this privacy-tempered glass screen protector from Anbzsign for the OnePlus 12R. Its 28-degree ultra-small angle support keeps your display hidden from others. 

The case is carved out of premium-quality tempered glass that aligns perfectly with the OnePlus 12R’s display. In addition, the Anbzsign screen protector has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to shoo away sweat, oil, and fingerprint marks.  

Equipped with bubble-free adhesive, the Anbzsign screen cover is easy to install, remove, and reinstall. I didn’t see the glue stains while reapplying the guard on the phone. Further, the product comes in a combination of 2 screen protectors and two tempered glass camera lens protectors.   

  • Ensures phone privacy 
  • HD clarity and transparency 
  • Efficient coatings for ugly marks 
  • Comes with camera lens protectors 


  • Requires care due to glass build 

4. Generic Orzero – Impact-resistant for top safety

Generic Orzero Screen Guard for OnePlus 12R

If you have butter fingers, the Orzero screen protector is the ultimate savior for your OnePlus 12R. First, it gives your display edge-to-edge coverage. No hideous gaps or edges peeking out from the sides. Second, the screen guard never compromises color quality, ensuring you get the best display results in every lighting.

Frankly speaking, I am pretty clumsy in tasks requiring focus, like installing a screen guard. However, installing the Orzero screen guard never felt like a task. Thanks to its two-piece design that offers a simple, bubble-free installation. In addition, the impact-resistant build is strong enough to protect the screen from shattering during sudden falls, drops, etc.

The robust anti-scratch technology allows the screen guard to recover from scratches or bubbles. Its innovative material engulfs all scratches and bubbles within a span of 24 hours. Furthermore, you get support for ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, high touch responsiveness, and sensitivity. Perfect. 

  • Two-section build for easy installation 
  • Anti-scratch technology 
  • Supports fingerprint recognition 
  • Powerful impact resistance 


  • Does not include lens protectors 

5. MOOISVS 2 Pack – Easy installation and superior safety

MOOISVS 2 Pack OnePlus 12R Screen Protector

Don’t let nosy people peek into your phone with the MOOISVS screen protector. Featuring a flexible TPU privacy film, it blocks side views at about 45-degree angle. This can help you chat with your favorite person while traveling on public transport without giving an excellent view to your co-passenger. Crystal-clear and vibrant display come as a default with the screen guard.   

The screen protector comes with a tempered glass camera lens protector for the OnePlus 12R. Combo deals like these are a big win because they give you multiple products at minimum cost.

Regarding installation, I didn’t experience any hassle. Plus, the touch sensitivity was pretty fluid after adding the screen guard. The ultrasonic sensor ensured I could easily use the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Additionally, the product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Perfect! 

  • TPU privacy film  
  • Excellent touch sensitivity 
  • Comes with camera lens protectors 


  • Bubbles might appear  

6. AISELAN Screen Protector – Trusted OnePlus 12R anti-scratch screen guard

AISELAN OnePlus 12R anti-scratch screen guard

Keep your OnePlus 12R smooth as butter with the specially designed AISELAN screen protector. The ultra-clear, transparent finish promised by this screen guard blesses you with the most natural viewing experience. Its tempered glass finish, 9H hardness rating, and 2.5D round edges make it a perfect choice to protect your OnePlus 12R screen.  

While covering your display, this handy accessory ensures you get your desired swift touch, easy scrolling, and high responsiveness on your phone. Plus, like most screen protectors on my list, this one too, guards your screen from ugly scratches. Its impact-resistance design gives you the freedom to use your phone without the fear of dropping it!

  • Tempered glass finish 
  • Curved edges 
  • Impact-resistant and scratch-free 


  • Can leave stain on removal 

Wrapping up 

Screen protectors are an effective way to keep your smartphone display flawless. The list here elaborates on OnePlus 12R screen guards offering the perfect fit, safety, and usage experience.

Which one are you going to buy? Do share your pick in the comments below.   

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