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Best compass apps for Android in 2024 

Traveling is fun. Agreed. But what if you lose track while exploring dense forests or navigating new hiking trails? Finding directions gets more difficult when you enter a zone with poor internet or GPS connectivity. To beat these obstacles, you can get some of the best compass apps for Android.

These friendly apps utilize your device’s accelerometer to display real-time directions and location. As they do not use satellite technology like GPS, compass apps are more feasible and practical. In this article, you will find the best compass apps you can download on your Android phone right now. Some offer offline access, and others offer multiple navigation modes. Let’s explore them!

1. Smart Compass – Editor’s Choice

Smart Compass best compass app for Android

I had no doubt that Smart Compass should be the top choice for my list of the best Android compass apps. This multipurpose app is a user-friendly navigation tool whose scope goes beyond giving directions – it comprises a GPS speedometer, a metal detector, and an option to capture your screen.

First, I was impressed by the minimalistic and intuitive interface that welcomed me to Smart Compass. The directions were displayed clearly and boldly, ensuring I didn’t have to stress my already tired eyes anymore. In addition, the online compass has embedded magnetic sensors for smooth searches. 

The app also offers multiple modes, such as digital, night, telescope, and a Google Maps version with satellite and street maps. Plus, the standard mode uses your phone’s camera to offer a real-life view of your surroundings. Further, the premium plan offers a car locator, GPS location sharing, Qibla finder, etc. Just perfect! 

  • Seamless interface 
  • Metal detector, speedometer, etc. 
  • Clear cardinal directions 
  • Multiple modes  


  • Frequent ads in the free version 

Price: Free  

2. Compass by melon soft – Smooth navigation for you

Compass best compass app for Android

Ditch your traditional compass and get the advanced Compass app by melon soft for Android. Why? Because it will make your outdoor expeditions a cakewalk. Its simple interface gives you a perfect blend of core compass functionality and utility. By leveraging modern technology, Compass helps you quickly find your way in unknown terrains.   

No more confusion in finding directions with the neatly mentioned cardinal directions on this digital portal. From showing true north to offering latitude and longitude readings – the Compass is ideal for excursions requiring detailed information about directions, shortcuts, and surroundings.   

Furthermore, Compass offers instant access to various critical parameters related to navigation, such as altitude speed, sensor state, level, magnetic field power, device slope angle, etc. This Android compass app also allows you to connect to Google Maps and drop pins at your favorite places for future expeditions.   

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Latitude and longitude readings 
  • Connects with Google Maps 
  • Clear cardinal directions  


  • Issues with magnetic sensor 

Price: Free  

3. Compass & Altimeter – Best digital compass for Android

Compass & Altimeter best compass app for Android

Compass & Altimeter is a great digital compass app for hikers and boaters. Equipped with an intuitive interface, this multifunctional portal provides all the features that make it an essential tool for outdoor ventures. The app blesses you with true north, magnetic readings, and an altimeter displaying your altitude above sea level.

Personally, I found the feature stack of Compass & Altimeter quite impressive. It delivers sunset and sunrise timings to help you plan your activities. In addition, the integrated bubble level promises ideal alignment for capturing your dream shots. While the offline mode is handy, the app can view your address if connected to the internet.   

Further, I could switch between different units like degrees, mils, grads, and gons for easy compatibility with mapping systems. Tracking magnetic interference from surroundings and understanding the GPS sensor’s performance was also easy. To top things off, the app gives access to regional coordinate systems like SwissGrid for accurate location tracking.   

  • Professional-grade interface 
  • Integrated altimeter 
  • Works offline  
  • Offers access to regional coordinate systems 


  • Slow updates  
  • Lags are common 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 

4. Fulmine Compass – Best free compass app for Android

Fulmine best free Compass app for Android

Fulmine Compass boasts a simple, intuitive, and reliable interface with a stack of user-friendly features. The app offers personalization along with displaying accurate GPS coordinates, longitude/latitude, and street addresses in a clear, legible way.

Asking for directions, tracking distance, and measuring altitude differences to selected places – all of this is possible with the Fulmine Compass app. In addition, the offline support ensures you can access your compass even with a poor GPS signal. This efficient free compass app for Android has open location codes to help you quickly remember the locations of street addresses.

Moreover, you can choose from different compass scale units such as degrees, mils, and grads. Lastly, you can copy, paste, share, and view GPS coordinates on the map for more convenient surfing.

  • Minimalistic interface 
  • Works offline 
  • Location codes to remember places 
  • Customizable themes and settings 


  • The pointer is too shaky

Price: Free  

5. Digital Compass by KTW – Pocket-friendly compass app for Android

Digital Compass best compass app for Android

Digital Compass is an Android-friendly compass app that helps you explore new places without feeling lost. Thanks to its top-notch accuracy, this handy app provides information about your direction, longitude, latitude, address, and altitude. Moreover, there is a status indicator to identify the essential sensors on your device. 

The seamless support for bearing, azimuth, or degree readings ensures you are always in check of your location. Besides, you can stay aware of the strength of the magnetic field around you using the built-in feature. Further, you can use the direction pointer marker to pinpoint a direction you want to proceed.   

  • Accurate and comprehensive results 
  • Informs about the magnetic field 
  • Houses a sensor status indicator 


  • It might be a bit glitchy at the start 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 

6. Compass Steel 3D – Accurate, efficient, and customizable compass app

Compass Steel 3D best compass app for Android

Want to get the feel of a marine cadet? The Compass Steel 3D app can be your go-to solution. Well, not really, but this marine-style compass can give you a teeny-tiny taste of the experience. This digital compass offers two distinct modes to choose from – the True mode projects True North and the Magnetic mode concerns the Magnetic North.   

While the app already has a pretty clean interface, it offers several options to customize themes and colors that don’t suit your taste. In addition, you get detailed information about sunrise and sunset times, moonrise and moonset times, and sun and moon direction indicators. It is undoubtedly one of the most accurate compass apps for Android.

Packed with features, the app does not bother you with ads and trackers collecting your information. Plus, if you opt for the more advanced features, the app has satellite mode with altitude data, custom compass dial units, and location settings.   

  • Two compass modes 
  • Position and timings of sun/moon 
  • No ads and trackers 


  • Glitches when used with Maps 
  • Messy calibration 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

7. Spyglass – Best offline compass app for Android

Spyglass best compass app for Android

When GPS leaves your side, Spyglass comes to your rescue. Offering offline support, Spyglass redefines the word compass by leveraging AR and 3D to show object positions, directions, etc.

Moreover, Spyglass has a speedometer, altimeter, and rangefinder. Plus, it gives access to dedicated compass and calibration modes that elevate your experience. The app is also ideal for gathering crucial data points such as coordinates, course, altitude, current, maximum, and vertical speed.

In addition, you can track the precise positions of Polaris, the sun, and the moon and measure visually using the built-in sextant, angular calculator, and inclinometer. Lastly, the Android app allows you to take pictures overlaid with all the data offered here.   

  • Comprises of altimeter, speedometer, etc. 
  • Uses AR and 3D technology 
  • Saves favorite places 
  • Works offline 


  • Laggy updates 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

8. Compass Galaxy – Free compass app for beginners

Compass Galaxy best compass app for Android

Compass Galaxy is the most ideal, beginner-friendly compass app for Android users. Why? First, it has a simple interface with information and features displayed in a clear, no-clutter interface. Second, there are plenty of features that are perfect if you are a beginner compass user or a new adventurer.

Unlike most compass apps, this efficient app adopts a few-ads-only policy to ensure you can use the app freely without any interruptions. Moreover, the app sends you timely notifications whenever it needs calibration. For this, you must make an ‘8’ gesture on your device.

  • Intuitive interface 
  • Multiple features for beginners 
  • Free of cost 


  • Frequent lags

Price: Free  

Wrapping up 

With a good compass app on your Android, you will always have a companion to trust. While most Android phones have a default compass app, these third-party apps are mobile-friendly direction guides that provide you with advanced and intuitive features.

I hope you found an ideal Android compass app from my list. In the comments, do let me know what your pick is!  

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