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Best screen recording apps for Android in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Screen recorder apps on Android let you capture the action on your phone’s display. While the built-in Android screen recorder is efficient, it lacks some advanced features. This is why you need my list of the best screen recording apps for Android.

In this article, you will find screen recorder apps with superior features, watermark-free editing tools, and limitless recording. The detailed explanations with pros and cons below will acquaint you well with them. But first, take a quick glance at what this list has to offer.

At a glance – Best screen recording apps for Android

Screen recording app Main features Price 
AZ Recorder Ideal for recording content on social media apps.  Free (In-app purchases start at $2.49) 
XRecorder Flexible recording statistics Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99) 
Mobizen Fluid functionalities  Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)  
VideoShow Recorder  GIF editor to convert GIFs into videos Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 
Vidma Record  No time limit for screen recordings Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99) 
Loom Perfect for business groups Free  
Screen Recorder Unlimited  Internal audio and microphone audio recording Free  
ADV Screen Recorder Two unique recording methods Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 
Super Screen Recorder  Built-in video editing tools  Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 
ApowerREC Watermark free screen recordings Free 
ScreenPal  No ads Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)  
Screen Recorder: Facecam  Simple and efficient Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

Best screen recording apps for Android 

Good screen recording apps for Android can help simplify your work and encourage productivity. So, let’s explore some of the most sorted screen recorders here

1. AZ Recorder – Editor’s Choice

AZ Recorder best screen recording app for Android

Looking for a simple and efficient screen recorder app? Meet AZ Recorder- the numero-uno in my list of best Android screen capture apps. With its powerful interface, AZ Recorder enables you to create top-notch screen records and screenshots.

This watermark-free app houses several features catering to gaming recordings. This includes support for multi-range resolutions from Full HD to 4K and frame rates between 24fps to 60fps. In addition, the internal audio support records the original score of your game or app with no outside noise. 

With a built-in editor, AZ Recorder allows you to edit, trim, merge, crop, resize, and rotate videos to your interest. You can even add background music and subtitles to your edits. Furthermore, you can use in-app tools to edit, add text and emojis, or draw directly on screenshots.  

  • Built-in editing tools 
  • Ideal for gameplay recordings 
  • Captures screenshots 
  • No watermark or time limit 


  • Takes up considerable storage space 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.49)

2. XRecorder – Best screen recorder for Android without watermark

XRecorder best screen recording app for Android

Developed by InShot, XRecorder lets you capture the ongoing screen action on your Android devices. This versatile app is ideal for capturing clear videos of gameplays, presentations, and more. Moreover, XRecorder is one of the best screen recorders for Android without watermark imprints.  

With XRecorder, you can adjust the resolution (240p to 1080p), FPS (15FPS to 60FPS), and quality of your screen recordings. Plus, a tiny overlay window acts as a Facecam recorder to capture your face and expressions. You can customize, resize, and move it per your taste.   

You can even take screenshots between active screen recordings, giving immediate access to crucial moments. In addition, Xrecorder records screen activity in top audio quality, ensuring a rich and immersive experience. Lastly, the app lets you trim, change speed, add music, or even draw/mark in a live recording.   

  • No watermarks 
  • Multiple customization tools 
  • Draw or mark during live recording 
  • No time limits 


  • Occasional audio glitches

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99) 

3. Mobizen – Offers QUAD HD recordings

Mobizen best screen recording app for Android

Mobizen is a multipurpose app that lets you record, capture, and edit screen recordings. Adopting a no-signup setup, Mobizen offers a robust selection of features that you might not find in some top screen-capturing Android apps. Here, you get QUAD HD mode, 1440p resolution, 24Mbps bitrate, and 60fps frame rate.  

The addition of the AccessibilityService API facilitates two useful functionalities, including Auto Tap and Auto Swipe. In addition, the app houses a built-in Facecam that captures your reactions during video calls, presentations, etc. You can even record game audio and voices together in your screen recordings.  

Whatever you record through Mobizen gets saved on your device, offering one-tap access to your videos anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can add watermarks, GIFs, or memes and make instant edits to enhance the quality of your recorded clips.   

  • QUAD HD video format 
  • Auto tap and auto swipe functionalities 
  • Facecam support 
  • Instant records on the device 


  • Frequent lags 
  • Audio issues 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

4. VideoShow Recorder – Captures your reactions via Facecam

VideoShow Recorder best screen recording app for Android

Capture the crucial moments running on your screen in real-time with VideoShow Recorder. The feature stack in the app makes screen capturing fully customizable. Following this, you can record with or without the recording frame, adjust the aspect ratio, customize the floating window, and scribble on the screen while recording.  

Its seamless one-tap interface lets you record games while playing, take screenshots, as well as capture video calls and live shows. In addition, the Facecam recorder preserves your reactions during the recordings. Similarly, the GIF editor lets you record, edit, and convert gifs into intuitive videos.  

VideoShow Recorder offers professional video and photo editing tools. As expected, you can trim/ rotate/compress videos, adjust the speed, add downloaded or saved music, make doodles, and more. Furthermore, this screen recorder for Android with internal audio ensures you can easily create a personalized video.

  • High-quality recordings 
  • Records internal audio 
  • Converts gif to videos 
  • Draw during calls 


  • Occasionally crashes

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 

5. Vidma Record – Perfect for long screen recordings 

Vidma Record best screen recording app for Android

Vidma Record offers a stable, smooth video recording experience. You can capture, pause, or resume videos in a single tap or take screenshots via the record button. Vidma makes it all easy with its clean interface. Plus, there is no time limit for recording videos, perfect for capturing your hour-long gameplay or presentation.   

The screen recorder captures high-quality video of up to 2K resolution and 60 FPS. Unlike most apps, Vidma Record ensures a lag-free run without FPS drops during active recordings. And do you know that you can instantly stop video capturing by shaking your smartphone? Yes, that’s right. Smart and easy- perfect! 

Apart from recording, the Vidma screen recorder facilitates video editing as well. You can make basic changes, add music, or delete unwanted parts quickly. Plus, the app supports front camera, custom shortcuts, and internal sound recording reserved for Android 10 and later. While most of these features are free, you can explore advanced tools by investing in the premium variant.   

  • No root required 
  • High-quality records  
  • Handy record button for functionality 
  • Smart video editing tools 


  • A bit expensive 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99) 

6. Loom – Screen recorder app for team collaborations 

Loom best screen recording app for Android

If you are in the corporate world, you must be aware of Loom. This popular screen-sharing app for Android strives to make your screen-capturing experience easy, fast, and fully customizable. Or else, why would brands like Netflix and HubSpot rely on Loom to capture asynchronous screen videos on the go and connect with a team?   

The portal is quite exhaustive regarding its features and functions centered around collaborations. You can easily record screen, camera, mic, and internal audio. Besides, Loom helps you add time-stamped comments and emoji reactions to the captured clips.   

Once created, the Loom videos get auto-saved to the cloud, ensuring you can share them with a link. You can also edit your videos and customize their accessibility per your requirements. Further, Loom alerts you about your screen captures’ latest views, comments, and reactions.   

  • Ideal for teamwork 
  • Supports time-stamped comments 
  • Video editing tools 
  • Safe and simple 


  • In-app glitches 

Price: Free 

7. Screen Recorder Unlimited – Internal audio recording for gameplay 

Screen Recorder Unlimited best screen recording app for Android

The Screen Recorder Unlimited app boasts a straightforward interface that offers easy screen recordings. You can trust the portal for capturing flawless screen displays, action-packed gameplays, or work video calls. Promising quality, the app lets you record videos in up to 1080p HD resolution, 12Mbps bitrate, and 60fps.   

Regarding audio, the Screen Recorder Unlimited app supports both internal audio and microphone recording. Where the former captures the in-app sound and eliminates the background noise, the latter helps you add narrations to your clips. Plus, with the best free screen recording app for Android none of your recordings will bear the unwanted watermark.   

Making navigation fluid, the app has an on-screen bubble button to quickly start, pause, or end recordings. Moreover, there is no limit on the recording length, so you can easily capture all your meetings, presentations, live matches, etc.   

  • No watermark or time limit 
  • Internal audio and mic recording  
  • Simple interface 


  • Can lag after multiple recordings  
  • No in-app storage 

Price: Free  

8. ADV Screen Recorder – Multitask with two recording methods 

ADV Screen Recorder best screen recording app for Android

Need to record an important client video call? Hop on to ADV Screen Recorder to perfectly capture the meeting with important details. Equipped with superior features, the app works effortlessly without requiring you to root your device. Plus, it is ideal for taking high-quality screenshots and editing them. 

The ADV Screen Recorder app offers a clean interface that anyone can use easily. Here, you get two different methods to record videos: advanced and default. The first solution sticks to basic functions, while the latter lets you pause and restart at your will. Both allow you to draw on the screen and make annotations. 

Further, the app houses a plethora of editing tools that you can use to trim and customize your recorded videos. Alongside the basic edits, you can add watermarks, do Facecam recording, and more. However, consider other screen recording apps if you need audio perfection in recordings. 

  • Two recording engines 
  • Simple and efficient UI 
  • No bar on duration 


  • Low-quality audio recordings 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

9. Super Screen Recorder – Schedule recordings with ease 

Super screen recorder best screen recording app for Android

Super Screen Recorder is one of Android users’ best screen recording apps. It packs powerful features to record, access, and edit the live action on your smartphone’s display. While it supports captures with up to 2K resolution, 12Mbps bitrate, and 60fps, you can still change the settings per your purpose. 

The floating window gives you the power to pause and resume the recording with a single tap. You can even hide this window and stop recording simply by shaking your device. In addition, the app lets you schedule recordings, capture front-camera videos, show hand touches in recordings, and use different screen orientations.  

Once recorded, Super Screen Recorder lets you edit videos with precision. You can easily trim/merge/rotate your recordings, add music, and use dubbed voices. Further, the app converts your captures into animated GIFs.  

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Schedule recordings 
  • Customizable recording  


  • Editing can be messy 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

10. ApowerREC – Customized screen recording for Android 

ApowerREC best screen recording app for Android

With no ads and time barrier, ApowerREC ensures you can record screen activities and moments without restriction. The app adopts a flexible regime where you can customize the recording resolution up to 1080p, bitrate, and quality. Moreover, you can capture sound via your device’s speaker or mic alongside screen recording.  

Thanks to the front camera feature, ApowerREC lets you record your video calls and live streams with utmost clarity. You can enjoy the front camera recordings in picture-in-picture anytime and anywhere. In addition, the floating action button gives one-tap access to start, pause, and stop recording instantly.  

The app is perfect for multiple users. You can show and record your finger touches while making tutorials or switch between different display orientations for recording gameplay. Plus, ApowerREC houses a countdown that starts the moment you start recording. Lastly, the app is ad and watermark-free.  

  • Adjustable recording analytics 
  • No watermark and ads 
  • Floating action button for accessibility 


  • Audio-to-video lags might arise 
  • Stops working abruptly  

Price: Free  

11. ScreenPal – Best ad-free screen recorder for Android  

SreenPal best screen recording app for Android

ScreenPal is the revamped name of the popular screen recording Android app Screencast-O-Matic. Rendering a perfect balance of minimalism and functionality, ScreenPal is designed for personal and professional use. Its simple interface ensures you can get through the features, even if it is your first attempt at screen recording, video creation, and editing.  

This free-to-download app helps you capture and transform tutorials, games, reviews, meetings, and more into top-notch videos. Like most apps, ScreenPal supports simultaneous Facecam recording (optional), where you can add voice narrations. The best part is that the app is ad-free, watermark-free, and time-limit-free. That’s quite a lot of free things!  

The various video editing tools help you add a personalized touch to your clips. Trim, crop, or change speed- it’s your choice. Plus, you can blur sensitive content, add filters, sticker overlays, and music, import and merge existing clips, etc.   

  • No ads and time limit restriction 
  • Supports content import 
  • Fun filters and music 
  • Flexible Facecam video  


  • It can be glitchy sometimes  
  • Lacks advanced features 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99) 

12. Screen Recorder: Facecam – Minimalistic interface for screen recording 

Screen Recorder- Facecam Audio best screen recording app for Android

The last to join my list of Android apps for screen recording is Screen Recorder: Facecam. This comprehensive platform lets you record and share screens featuring multiple content, including gameplays, live shows, presentations, and more.  

Moreover, the Facetime overlay window works alongside screen recording to capture your face and reactions. It adopts a flexible screen recording process where you can switch between different recording qualities, including UHD, HD, and SD.  

Plus, you can use your smartphone’s built-in microphone or employ the internal audio feature to record audio. Everything depends on your preference. The no-time limit policy ensures you can easily use the app for videos.  

  • Easy-to-use tools 
  • Customizable facecam window 
  • Sharing videos is simple 


  • Screen overlay can be messy  

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

Video on best screen recorder apps for Android

Why use screen recording apps? 

Screen recording apps to preserve important information and moments. This can include your gameplay victories, favorite live shows, official presentations, and more.  

Do all screen recorders leave a watermark? 

No, not all screen recorders leave a watermark. Some watermark-free screen recording apps are AZ Recorder, XRecorder, and Mobizen.  

Wrapping up 

Screen recording apps are the tiny helpers that reside in your Android smartphone. They capture essential information running on your screen, always ensuring easy accessibility. My list of the best screen recording apps for Android will help you pick the one that fits your requirements. Also, your suggestions are always welcome in the comments section.   


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