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10 Best photo editing apps for Android in 2024 (Free and Paid)


  • Photo editing apps for Android will lift the look of your photos and videos without stealing their natural beauty.
  • This list features the best photo editing apps with stellar editing tools, AI support, simple UI, and cost-efficiency.
  • My top favorite photo editor apps for Android are Google Photos, Canva, and Pixlr.

Capturing moments in your smartphone is as precious as living them. With photo editing apps for Android, you can give them a professional touch. These tools help to smoothen the imperfect curves, change the background, fix the lighting and color voids, and enhance your face elements. Impressive!  

If you still rely on your photographer friend for edits, this list is your knight in shining armor. Here, I have included the best photo editing apps for Android that excel in performance, pack robust features like AI editor, and fit your pocket. Without much chit-chat, let’s start our discussion: 

1. Google Photos – Editor’s choice

Google Photos best photo editing app for Android

Google Photos is Android’s go-to photo editing app for two reasons. First, it comes as a pre-installed app; second, it is super handy. Featuring a clean interface, Google Photos packs a stack of intuitive tools, including AI effects. It is also the best photo editing app for Android without a watermark.  

While many may find Photos a bit basic, they cannot ignore the simplicity it holds within. From easy sliders for color/light adjustments to AI photo sorting to live albums- Google Photos does it all. In addition, the platform automatically backs up your library to the cloud. You can even search or collect information about your pictures using Google Lens.

Coming from Google, the app seamlessly syncs with the Google ecosystem. So, you can access your photos on any device and share them quickly with your friends. Plus, Google Photos offers 15GB of free storage capacity to preserve your precious moments. 

  • 15GB free storage 
  • Easy-to-use AI tools 
  • Cloud storage  
  • Live albums support 


  • Might not impress advanced editors 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 

2. Canva – Best Android photo editing app

Canva best photo editor app for Android

When it comes to the best photo editing apps for Android, Canva needs no introduction. The portal is globally trusted for creating flawless pictures, videos, social media posts, ads, gift cards, and so on. With fun filters, stickers, animations, and music overlay support, Canva is an all-in-one photo and video editor app for Android.   

I am a huge fan of Canva’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. So, whether I am cropping an image or designing an advanced Instagram post, it is never a hassle with Canva. Moreover, the app houses thousands of templates, mock-ups, and a stock library with 2M+ assets. Perfect for my not-so-creative days.   

Canvas Magic Studio proudly stands as one of the world’s first comprehensive AI platforms for designers. The AI gallery has tools like Magic Switch, Magic Media, Magic Design, Magic Morph, etc., making your work easy with auto-edits. Also, you can easily collaborate, save, and share your content from Canva.

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Free to use templates, assets, mockups 
  • Plenty of AI editing tools 
  • Easy sharing  


  • Works better on laptops

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.49)  

3. Adobe Lightroom – Best professional photo editing app for Android

Adobe Lightroom best photo editing app for Android

Add a professional edge to your everyday pictures and videos with Adobe Lightroom. The app offers a one-tap solution to all your editing requirements. For instance, you can start with the stunning built-in camera and quickly move to the robust editing tools to polish the imperfections in your captures.  

Equipped with an AI-backed interface, Adobe Lightroom is perfect for refining the overall look of your pictures and videos. The app helps to crop portraits, adjust the color palette and light, retouch and remove objects, change backgrounds, and add effects. With built-in presets and filters, Lightroom saves editing time and effort.   

Lightroom’s editor allows you to create short before-and-after reels for social media portals. You can enhance the look of these reels with easy edits and intuitive filters. Moreover, the premium pack unlocks 200+ expert-designed preset filters, advanced editing tools, and 100GB of cloud storage. Nice! 

  • Interactive presets and filters 
  • Built-in camera  
  • AI-backed enhancements 
  • Ideal for new and advanced editors 


  • Navigation requires improvement  

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 

4. Snapseed – Best free photo editing app for Android

Snapseed best photo editing app for Android

Snapseed is the best free photo editing app and is yet another gift from Google’s basket for photo editors. The portal follows a simple interface where you can make adjustments with a swift swipe or scroll. While you will love the stack of editing tools on Snapseed, you might feel the absence of a fresh UI.   

Like its competitors, Snapseed has a versatile range of offerings. This includes tools for adjusting color, light, saturation, masking, reshaping, and more. With an array of brushes, facial edits, and filters, Snapseed helps you customize your pictures the way you want.   

You can even blend two photos, correct poses with trials on 3D models, and go vintage or, grainy or dramatic with Snapseed’s innovative ecosystem. You can even make minute changes in different layers of your images. Lastly, the Control Point technology offers easy enhancements with little manual input.   

  • Absolutely free edits 
  • Suitable for professionals 
  • Easy-to-apply edits 


  • Lacks frequent updates 

Price: Free  

5. Pixlr – Friendly editing tools for beginners

Pixlr best photo editing app for Android

If you are just a beginner in the photo editing world, Pixlr can be your first stepping stone. Its well-organized user interface is easy to take hold of and navigate through. You can get your desired edited photos with a few minutes of taps and swipes. Time-saving and super efficient.   

The app houses plenty of user-friendly features catering to both individuals and corporates. This includes tasks like graphic designing, branding, and advanced photo editing. Moreover, Pixlr has several preset effects, filters, styles, and overlays to revamp your pictures.   

This cross-platform app houses several templates suitable for different social media platforms. In fact, most users rely on Pixlr to create customized social media posts, marketing images, and ads. You can even resize your chosen template or picture to suit the image settings of each social media handle. 

  • Creates collages 
  • Perfect for designing ads, posters, etc.  
  • Favorites section for easy access


  • Issues with saving edits 
  • Glitches after updates 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

6. Picsart – AI photo editing app for Android

Picsart best photo editing app for Android

Recognized for its no-nuisance interface, Picsart is home to a gigantic collection of editing tools. The AI-assisted editor helps you customize your pictures and videos with perfect cuts, colors, and filters. In addition, the app boasts several AI filters, including an AI generator for text to images, avatar and cartoon creator, etc.   

Many times, we end up with a poor background in our pictures. Thankfully, with Picsart’s background and object remover, eliminating unwanted elements from your portraits is super easy. Also, you can easily weave your memories into a collage, decorate your portraits with 60M+ stickers, or doodle on them.  

Once edited, you can hop on to the Remix Chat to share and edit photos with your group or the global Picsart community. Moreover, the portal has multiple in-app tutorials for those who want to polish their skills. You can even participate in challenges and win exciting surprises.   

  • Thriving community 
  • Excellent AI tools  
  • In-app tutorials 


  • Frequent ad popups 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.49) 

7. Prisma – Turn your pictures into artpieces

Prisma best photo editing app for Android

Prisma is one of the most sorted Android photo editing apps. Featuring 500+ unique filters and effects, Prisma transforms your images into a stunning masterpiece designed by Picasso or Van Gogh. Change the background, beautify skin or facial features, or retouch your original clicks with Prisma.   

Post filter selection, you can move to the photo enhancement mode. Here, you get friendly tools to tweak the different elements of your images, including brightness, color, contrast, exposure, saturation, clarity, etc. A single tap is all you need to retouch your background, eliminating the clutter.   

While sharing your Prisma-edited pictures is super convenient, you might not like the pestering ads popping here and there. Thankfully, you can opt for a three-day free trial run to explore the features and interface of this portal.   

  • Artist-inspired styles 
  • Smart editing tools 
  • 3-day free trial 
  • Regular updates 


  • Advanced features limited to premium 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

8. Bazaart – Fixes your blurry pictures

Bazaart best photo editing app for Android

Backed by AI, Bazaart is one of the top photo editing apps for Android. Its clean interface makes it easy to put your creative thoughts into effect and create professional-looking content. The design studio helps you create AI pieces, logos, stories, posters, cards, collages, stickers, profile pictures, product images, etc.   

The portal enhances your everyday pictures with instant adjustments in color, vibrance, warmth, saturation, contrast, exposure, and highlights. In addition, you can use the AI art tool to turn text into images or move to the AI replace feature to replace the image elements with a simple text prompt.   

After making the adjustments, you can decorate your images with stickers, backgrounds, or shapes. Moreover, Bazaart helps you increase the image resolution and transform blurry photos into fine-tuned HD creations. Plus, you can easily remove the watermark from pictures if you are a premium member.   

  • Ideal for beginners and pro users 
  • Easy to save and share 
  • Premium AI tools 
  • 7-day free trial 


  • Freezing and glitches 
  • Payment issues  

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.49) 

9. PhotoDirector – Turn pictures into fun animations

PhotoDirector best photo editing app for Android

It’s time to turn your usual pictures into fascinating animations. How? With PhotoDirector’s stunning range of AI-pegged editing tools and effects. The app adopts an easy-to-use interface to help you make basic and advanced changes. With an auto-detect facility, the portal makes clean edits in a single tap.   

Hop on to the array of AI-powered tools and create something magical in seconds. Here, you can create anime, cartoons, and painting-style photos without any hassle. In addition, the sky replacement tool helps you replace the sky with eye-popping templates. 

The Object removal tools will ensure your pictures only feature what you love. Plus, there are thousands of stickers, filters, and frames to decorate your portraits. Fortunately, the sticker library gets regular monthly updates.   

  • Perfect for animated photos 
  • Monthly updated stickers, filters, etc.  
  • Basic and advanced editing tools 


  • Navigation can be tricky 
  • Lacks auto-save 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

10. Lensa – Create your lookalike avatar

Lensa best photo editing app for Android

Do you love capturing selfies but are unhappy with the result? If yes, then Lensa is for you. Whether you want to change your facial expressions, remove imperfections/objects, or try unique filters – Lensa will cater to all your whims. The app specializes in creating magical virtual avatars that resemble you or your idol.   

Smart auto-adjustments, predesigned filters, and effects make it a perfect app for newbie users. In addition to the face editor, Lensa has an eye corrector that can further elevate your look. You can use it to get better facial contours, remove dark circles, or reshape the eyebrow.   

With beauty enhancers, Lensa brings out your best self in every capture. The editing tools are aligned and named perfectly, offering a clean navigation. While creating magical avatars, you can rely on the text instructions provided by the portal. 

  • Ideal for creating virtual avatars 
  • Multiple skin refinement tools 
  • Smooth navigation 
  • Smart AI-backed interface 


  • Frequent glitches 
  • Subscription plans don’t perform well 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

Wrapping up 

You can be a casual or a professional photographer; a good photo editing app is all you need to ace your photography game. So, instead of waiting, pick your favorite photo editor from my list and spill the magic of creativity. If you liked the list, share your review in the comments section.   

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