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7 Best Galaxy AI features on Samsung S24 series

As promised with the ‘Galaxy AI’ teaser, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones are truly packed with AI-powered features. From breaking communication barriers to enhancing photo and video-editing capabilities, Galaxy AI has it all.

Further, Google and Samsung have collaborated to bring the most competent AI model, Gemini, to Galaxy S24 devices. While this excitement is through the roof, let’s explore the best Samsung Galaxy AI features that you can’t miss! 

1. Live Translation and Interpreter

Live Translation and Interpreter, Galaxy AI on Samsung Galaxy S24
Source: Samsung

With the Samsung Galaxy S24, you can now converse with your non-native friends without any third-party translator. The Galaxy AI Live Translation feature provides real-time voice and text translation between two languages. It relies on an internet connection.

While on a live phone call, tap the Call Assist button to enable the translation. Then, it will automatically identify and translate the languages being spoken. And don’t worry! The recipient doesn’t need to have a Samsung device for the translation to happen.

At the launch, Live Translation supports 13 languages and 17 dialects. You need to download your preferred language set before using the feature. The best part is that all this translation happens on-device within the native phone app to maintain privacy.  

The Interpreter feature is similar to Live Translation. However, it only translates the spoken language into text. When enabled, your screen splits into two sections, one facing toward you and another side towards the other speaker. So both can read the translated text while standing face-to-face.

You need to select two languages, and the microphone interface will go back and forth to indicate the speaker and prompt them to speak. The Interpreter doesn’t need to have an internet connection to work.

2. Chat Assist

Chat Assist with Galaxy AI on Samsung Galaxy S24
Source: Samsung

Need to sound more formal in your office chats but can’t set the right tone? Samsung Galaxy S24 Keyboard also leveled up with Galaxy AI features to become your Chat Assistant. Now, whatever message you type, it will automatically detect the tone.  

Also, it allows you to rephrase the message in different tones, such as Formal, Chill, Shakespearean, etc. Thus, you can ensure you’re speaking in the appropriate tone according to the context.  

Besides, your messages in any chat app will be translated via the Chat Translation feature. To ensure privacy, the process is performed on-device. Last but not least, Galaxy AI will power spelling and grammar checking for more refinement.

3. Circle to Search with Google

Circle to Search with Google, Galaxy AI, Samsung S24
Source: Samsung

Google’s Reverse Image Search was already a productive feature but a little tedious. To simplify things, Google is bringing the Circle to Search AI feature to the Samsung Galaxy S24. This feature gets even better with the S24 Ultra’s S pen.  

Just long-press the home button and circle or tap the object on your screen to search for its information. Then, you will see the Google search results within the current app. The best part is you can search for anything: images, videos, or text.

Additionally, you may ask Google questions about the object shown in the search result, and it will provide you with answers for better understanding.

4. Instant Slo-Mo

Instant Slo-mo on Galaxy AI
Source: Samsung

Want to make your regular video clips more fun or aesthetic? With the new Samsung S24 AI camera features, you can instantly slow down any video not recorded in slow motion. So, you don’t have to worry about activating slow-mo before starting a recording.

All you have to do is play a video in your Gallery and hold down the video with a finger – that’s it! The video’s frame rate slows down instantly and stays so until you lift your finger.

The Instant Slo-Mo feature generates new frames using generative AI and seamlessly blends them into the existing video, whether in 120, 240, 480, or even 960 fps. That’s how you get professional-looking slow-motion videos that can’t be differentiated from the camera-recorded ones.

5. Generative AI photo editing

Generative AI Photo editing with Galaxy AI on Samsung S24
Source: Samsung

Talking about AI camera features, Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones are putting a stop to photobombing. This pro-level editing was launched on the Google Pixel 8 series as the Magic Editor feature. You can tap any subject on your photos to resize, move, or remove them on your Galaxy S24.

The best function of Generative Edit is it lets you prompt AI to fill up blank spaces and add new backdrops in your photos to make them look complete. However, such images will include the Galaxy AI logo at the bottom to inform others about the AI edits.

Additionally, you will get recommended adjustments when you see your images in the gallery. With the ProVisual engine and AI working together, these adjustments allow you to make pictures Insta-worthy instantly!

6. Note Assist

Samsung’s Notes app also got supercharged with Galaxy AI features. Now, you will get AI-generated note summaries and digital covers, which provide a quick glimpse and make them easier to find. Besides texts, Note Assist can summarize webpages and documents.

You can also leverage the pre-made templates to structure your notes properly. To auto-format your note, tap the star icon in the toolbar of any note. It will analyze the page and generate a formatted text. Moreover, you may correct spelling and translate a note using AI.

7. Transcript Assist

If you are attending a seminar or class in other languages, you may record the speech. The native Voice Recorder app now offers AI-powered transcription. The Transcript Assist feature will automatically recognize the language in the voice memo using AI and Speech-to-Text technology.

Then, it can convert the text into another language or summarize the audio as per your choice. It functions very much like Google’s Recorder app for Pixel devices, with the exception that real-time transcription is not possible.

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Can I use Galaxy AI features on my older Samsung phones?

Yes, Galaxy AI features will be made available to a few Samsung phones besides the S24 series via an update. Those models are Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+, Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Is Galaxy AI free?

Samsung’s new Galaxy AI capabilities will be launched with the Galaxy S24 series, and users can access them for free on compatible Galaxy phones until the end of 2025. After that, Samsung may charge the users for AI-powered features.

Unlock the power of AI!

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is about enhancing user experience and boosting productivity with the latest AI features. We are very excited to unfold the Galaxy AI magic hands-on. Till then, let us know which Samsung next-generation AI features you liked the most!

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