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10 Best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases in 2024

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a performance beast, has an amazing camera setup, and comes with seven years of software support – but all of that comes with a hefty price tag. This creates the need to protect the Android flagship with a trustworthy case. Certainly, the market offers an extensive collection of Pixel 8 Pro cases.

But can you trust everybody? Definitely not, and that’s where we come in. Stick with this article featuring the best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases, curated based on unique features, cost, and usability!

1. Google Pixel 8 Pro Case – Editor’s Choice

Google Pixel 8 Pro case

If you love all things Google, the all-new Google Pixel 8 Pro silicone case is just for you. With its custom design, the cover wraps your phone without leaving any loose ends. The snug fit ensures top-notch safety from unforeseen drops, bumps, or hits.

In addition, the PC and microfiber-lined silicone used in making this cover promises a firm grip and feels soft to the touch. Ideal for prolonged use.   

This versatile case comes from Google itself and blesses you with a powerful combination of style and safety. For this, the cover has undergone hundreds of hours of drop tests. Alongside protection, the Google Pixel 8 Pro cover gives you a stylish look with subtle metallic accents and elegant color variants, like soft green, beautiful blue, serene porcelain, and dark charcoal- a color for every vibe. 

Plus, the cover works with chargers, so you need not remove it while taking the battery refill. With precise cutouts and active buttons, this handy case gives you seamless access to your smartphone.

  • Stain-resistant silicone build 
  • Good grip and light weight 
  • Seamless charging support 
  • Precise cutouts for accessories 


  • Quality issues

2. Spigen Tough Armor – Built-in kickstand for movie beefs

Spigen Tough Armor best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Wrap your Google Pixel 8 Pro in the unprecedented safety of the Spigen Tough Armor case. Made using TPU and polycarbonate, the cover sits at the top of your phone, giving complete coverage on all sides. Whether you drop or slip your smartphone, the Spigen Tough Armor case will bear all the damages like a pro. Phew!  

The robust build comes with optimal slimness that doesn’t feel bulky on your hands or pockets. Plus, the 0.2″ depth gives a firm grip on the device. Still, if you lose the grip, the Extreme Protection Tech scatters the impact, offering better durability. Another layer of safety comes from the air cushion technology that further absorbs the impact from shocks before reaching your smartphone.   

Google Pixel 8 Pro offers the best of views. Thankfully, with the Spigen Tough Armor case, you get a built-in kickstand to enjoy comfortable viewing in different orientations. Further, the case comes in various beautiful shades that can easily match your vibe.

  • Sleek and strong frame 
  • Attached kickstand
  • Raised edges for screen and camera


  • Might feel heavy

3. TAURI clear case – Anti-yellow finish for clean look

TAURI best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Want to add a case to your Google Pixel 8 Pro but also want to flex its design? Meet TAURI’s clear case- your ideal pick. Form-fitted for the Pixel 8 Pro, this clear case offers 8X military-grade drop protection in your budget. The cover has a soft TPU frame, rigid PC back, and four corner AirBags to offer safety from sudden drops, bumps, or scratches.   

Now, one of the pressing problems with clear cases is that they turn yellow after continuous use. Luckily, your TAURI clear case is made using superior-grade TPU material that maintains its crystal-clear look for a long. Moreover, the Nano antioxidant layer doesn’t allow ugly stains and sweat marks to diminish the beauty of your Google Pixel 8 Pro.

The mobile cover adorns a sleek, lightweight design that you can easily handhold or keep in your pockets. Plus, you get a solid grip, precise cutouts for speakers and chargers, and active buttons for easy functionality. With this case, you even get 2 TPU film screens and camera lens protectors.

  • Military-grade safety from drops 
  • Precise cutouts for charging ports 
  • Air cushions for extra safety 
  • Anti-yellow, anti-stain case


  • Poor-quality screen and lens protectors 
  • No charging support

4. Torro – Safe and stylish leather wallet case

TORRO best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

The TORRO premium leather case gives your Google Pixel 8 Pro a rich look. To your surprise, this superior-quality mobile cover doubles as a wallet and card holder. How resourceful! The top-grain cowhide leather used in making this folio case for Google Pixel 8 Pro offers a soft touch, uncompromised safety, and durability. Its slim frame makes it comfortable to hold it in your hands for a long.  

Like most phone cases, the Pixel 8 Pro case from Torro features a solid TPU frame that offers shock absorption from drops, falls, and bumps. In addition, the inside has a soft microfibre lining to keep the backside of your phone safe from bruises or scratches. The folio flap reduces wear and tear on the screen when carried in pockets or kept inside a bag.   

This multipurpose mobile cover has three slots for keeping your credit/debit/identity cards and a bigger compartment for sneaking in your bills. Further, the magnetic leather strap with a stud mechanism prevents your belongings from slipping out of the case.

  • Premium leather build 
  • Magnetic flap folio 
  • Wallet and card holder 
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Difficult to carry in pockets

5. Caseology Parallax – Unique 3D patterns offer better grip

Caseology Parallax best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Caseology has some of the best phone cases in its kitty. And its Parallax 3D case for Google Pixel 8 Pro is one of its trusted creations. This versatile case is equipped with certified military-grade protection and saves your precious smartphone during sudden drops, falls, and hits. In addition, the 3D Hexa Cube patterns on the case establish improved ergonomics for a more aesthetic and efficient usage experience.   

Generally, when you drop your smartphone, the screen and camera lenses are more susceptible to damage. Caseology understands this and has added raised bezels along the display and a ring around the rear camera setup. When laid flat on a surface, these lifted edges keep your screen and lenses away from scratches.

The textured TPU frame fits your Google Pixel 8 Pro perfectly and gives a firm grip on the sides. Also, the Parallax cover is fully compatible with wireless charging and screen protectors. Charging on the go is a breeze with this amazing smartphone case from Caseology.

  • 3D patterns give better grip 
  • Straightforward design 
  • Elevated edges around screen and camera 
  • Compatible with wireless chargers


  • Quality concerns 
  • Charging issues

6. Ringke Fusion – Sleek clear case for Google Pixel 8 Pro

Ringke Fusion best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Ringke Fusion is our second pick for clear case lovers. This hybrid case features a matte finish PC back and TPU bumper edges to keep your Google Pixel 8 Pro safe. Its custom design wraps your smartphone completely, offering unmatched safety on all edges. In addition, the advanced TPU material resists discoloration into a shade of yellow after months of use. Savings for sure! 

To your liking, the PC build of the Ringke Fusion cover doesn’t allow fingerprint marks of oil or dirt to stay. Moreover, the non-glassy, frosted coating gives a velvety soft feel and a steady grip on your device at all times. Its TPU bumper edges absorb the impact from falls, so your pricey smartphone doesn’t suffer. 

The smartly designed active buttons sit atop your device buttons, giving easy access to features and functions. Plus, the case supports wireless charging so you can charge your Pixel 8 Pro on the go. There are lanyard holes as well to give you a hands-free experience.

  • TPU and PC material 
  • Restricts fingerprint stains 
  • Has lanyard holes 
  • Facilitates wireless charging


  • Alignment issues with camera  
  • Might turn yellow

7. Bellroy leather case – Rich texture and sleek design

Bellroy best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Gift your Google Pixel 8 Pro a piece of perfection with Bellroy leather case. The eco-tanned leather stretches from edge to edge to give your phone all-round protection from drops, bruises, or bumps. In addition, its super sleek silhouette feels lightweight when carried in your pocket or backpack along with other essentials.  

Do you know that Bellroy has crafted this leather case series in collaboration with Google? This ensures that there is no compromise in quality and performance. The case fits on your Pixel 8 Pro like a second skin, leaving no space for accidental drops or falls. It also protects your device from everyday wear and tear, thus keeping it new for a long.  

To aid accessibility, the Bellroy leather case has aluminum buttons aligned on top of the Pixel 8 Pro buttons. Plus, a soft microfiber lining on the inside keeps the back of your phone scratch-free. Lastly, this leather case is compatible with wireless chargers. So, you don’t have to remove it before charging. Perfect!

  • Top-grained leather 
  • Aluminum buttons 
  • Soft microfiber lining on the inside


  • Might get dirty easily 
  • Leather requires extra care

8. OtterBox Defender – Bumper edges for added safety

OtterBox Defender best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Otterbox Defender is an ideal pick for anyone who is a clumsy smartphone owner like me. This rugged case is certified to offer 5x military-grade protection to your device against drops, falls, or slip-offs. It features a multilayer defense mechanism that includes an outer shell made of polycarbonate and a solid synthetic rubber slipcover on the inside.  

Now, the rubber cover gives you an improved grip on your device and saves it from sudden mishaps through optimum shock absorption. In addition, the inner shell adds an extra layer of safety, giving you one more reason to invest in this versatile case. The bumpers around the rear camera and the display give elevation to your Pixel 8 Pro when laid against surfaces. So, no more scratches or bruises.  

The case is fully compatible with wireless chargers, saving you from running out of battery at crucial times. Further, there are built-in holster clips for instant clipping to backpacks and a kickstand for a hands-free viewing experience.

  • Multi-layer safety 
  • Attached kickstand and holster clips
  • Works with wireless chargers 
  • Raised lips around screen and camera


  • Might feel bulky

9. Speck Presido 2 Grip case – Steady grip for easy handling

Speck Presido 2 Grip case best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

If you need safety and style for your Google Pixel 8 Pro, then Speck Presidio 2 grip case is for you. Equipped with Armor Cloud technology, the case is tailor-made to give end-to-end protection at your fingertips. Its 20% slimmer frame feels lightweight while the innovative inverted grips vouch to give a long-lasting no-slip hold.  

The Air capsules on the corners compress and suspend during impacts to keep your phone safe. Following this, the case can withstand drops from up to 13 feet height. In addition, the elevated edges around the screen and camera help protect them from scratches or shatters in case your Pixel 8 Pro meets the ground face-down.  

With in-built buttons gives smooth controls and high responsiveness. They align perfectly with your phone buttons, mimicking the feeling of real button presses. Alongside, it features a special Microban anti-microbial coating that reduces stain and smell-causing bacteria on the case.

  • Durable and portable 
  • Raised bezels and bumper edges 
  • In-built buttons for quick access


  • Unsure about the grip

10. Case-Mate – Shiny glitter case for Pixel 8 Pro  

Case-Mate best Google Pixel 8 Pro case

Twinkle like a star because Case-Mate has created a fun case to envelope your Google Pixel 8 Pro. Confused? Don’t be! This stunning mobile cover creates a magical Twinkle Ombre Disco effect using its iridescent sparkle and glitter-filled foil. No matter which angle you view your smartphone from, you get a fascinating dance play of sparkle all around. Trust me, the glitter-filled back looks amazing under the light.   

Regarding safety, the shock-absorbing polymer build safeguards your Pixel 8 Pro from impromptu drops, bumps, and hits. FYI, the cover is tested to endure falls from up to 12 ft. Alongside, there are raised bezels running along the display and rear camera to refrain scratches from building up. With bumper edges, it is one of the most feature-packed cover for Google Pixel 8 Pro.  

The Case-Mate glitter case works seamlessly with wireless chargers to give an instant power boost anywhere and anytime. Further, the precise cutouts give easy access to your smartphone buttons and ports while the coatings save it from discoloration caused due to UV rays from sunlight.

  • Glitter-embedded back 
  • Shock-absorbing material  
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Removing the case can be difficult 
  • Fitting issues

Wrapping up

Prevention is better than cure. The saying rightfully goes for your Google Pixel 8 Pro as well.  This list helps you pick point the most user-friendly cases for Google Pixel 8 Pro. I hope you found your pick and are looking forward to receiving it! Do share your thoughts in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.


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