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10+ Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases in 2024 

When you buy flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, safety is a big concern. Despite the solid frame, the device is susceptible to damage from drops, bumps, or scratches. As obvious, you need a superior-quality Galaxy S23 Ultra case to keep your smartphone secure from the unforeseen mishap lurking around it.  

If you surf the internet, you can find many brands claiming to offer the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case. You can’t trust them blindly. So, after feeding on multiple reliable sources, I have compiled this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases to help you find cases that perfectly suit your needs.

1. Samsung SHLDAir Case – One from the creator

Samsung SHLDAir best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

If you want everything Samsung, the SHLDAir case is a smart pick. Equipped with the SHLDAir technology, this versatile case is all you need to keep your Samsung Galaxy S23 safe. The four air cushions on the edges absorb the impact from sudden drops on the floor, leaving no room for damage to your phone.   

The case is certified to have passed specific quality standards, including a 13ft drop test and 7x military-grade tests. Further, its ergonomic design and comb patterns on the side help give a steady grip on your bulky smartphone. Other essential elements of this case are precise cutouts for ports, cameras, flashlight, and pronounced buttons.   

Coming from Samsung, the case vouches to offer long durability. No replacements mean more savings. Plus, the lanyard hole lets you attach a strap to your S23 Ultra and carry it easily.

  • Stylish and durable frame 
  • Certified drop tested 
  • Impact-reducing air cushions  
  • An attached strap hole


  • Might be difficult to carry in pockets

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid – Sleek design for easy grip

Spigen Ultra Hybrid best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

Lock the safety of your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. The case is tailor-made to fit your precious flagship snugly with no compromise in functionality. Its hybrid build comprises a strong PC back and shock-absorbing TPU bumpers on the corners. Plus, Spigen has included a separate cutout for the stylus in the design.  

Regarding safety, the case has raised bezels along the camera and rear camera. These additions slightly elevate your screen and camera setup to keep them safe from surface scratches. In addition, the air cushions or bumpers on the edges bear the impact from mishaps before they damage your phone.   

Further, the active buttons and large cutouts offer hassle-free access to Ultra’s built-in features and ports.

  • Transparent, lightweight build  
  • Bumpers for extra safety  
  • In-built S-Pen cutout  
  • Pronounced buttons for easy access


  • Doesn’t fit the cameras perfectly

3. Caseology Nano Pop case – Dual-layer silicone safety

Caseology Nano Pop best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

Silicone cases offer one of the steadiest grips to smartphone users. If you want to test one, Nano Pop case from Caseology is the one. Carved from superior-quality silicone, this cover is ideal for protecting your phone from damages. Its edge-to-edge fit leaves no space for dust and dirt to sneak inside, giving a smudgy look. You can keep your Galaxy S23 Ultra new as ever without any hefty investment.  

The case employs Air Space Technology to offer military-grade protection from drops, falls, and bumps. You even get raised bezels around the camera to keep the lenses free from scratches likely to appear when you lay your device on hard surfaces. With superior safety, this dual-layer silicone frame boasts a sleek design that feels light on your hands or pockets.  

The Caseology Nano Pop has a functional design that doesn’t compromise in style. Its effective aesthetics ensure you have easy access to all the smartphone features, including the S-Pen. Plus, the cover works with screen protectors and wireless chargers as well.

  • Raised camera ring 
  • Dual-layer silicone frame 
  • Slim and lightweight


  • A bit slippery

4. OtterBox Defender Pro – Built-in kickstand for best views

OtterBox best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

What’s better than safety? Multilayer safety! With the Otterbox Defender Pro case, you will get exactly this for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This rugged mobile case features a flexible PC shell and a soft synthetic slipcover made of rubber. This powerful combo gives you edge-to-edge multi-layer safety against drops, dirt, scratches, and bumps. It effortlessly mingles the best of style and safety. 

The clean lines on the back give a comfortable grip on your device, eliminating the risk of sudden slip-offs. Plus, the raised edges allow you to place your S23 Ultra on hard surfaces without worrying about scratches. To ensure a safe usage, the cover comes with an antimicrobial additive that resists microbial and bacterial growth on the case exterior.  

The multipurpose attached holster is another exciting feature of the Otterbox Defender Pro case. It clips to your backpack or belts and doubles as a steady kickstand for a flawless viewing experience. Further, the covered cutouts block dust from sneaking inside the ports.

  • Multi-layer safety 
  • Lightweight and sleek build 
  • Covered cutouts 
  • Has a holster-cum-kickstand


  • Minimalistic design

5. UAG Plyo Pro – Durable rugged case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

UAG best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

The UAG Plyo Pro series is a premium rugged Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case. Like most cases, this solid cover boasts a lightweight build constructed using the TPU and PC combo. Where the TPU bumpers give impact resistance, the PC back gives a sturdy base to rest your smartphone. FYI, the case is certified to offer 16 ft. drop protection.  

With Plyo Pro, you will never have to worry about ugly surface scratches spoiling the beauty of your smartphone. The raised bezels around the screen and rear camera elevate your device when you lay it against rough surfaces. Moreover, the case works seamlessly with wireless chargers to give an instant power boost.  

This translucent case has neatly placed tactile buttons atop the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra buttons. Thus, offering easy accessibility to your smartphone. You also get a precise cutout for ports and S-Pen.

  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Cutout for S-Pen 
  • Raised bezels around the screen and camera 
  • Compatible with wireless chargers


  • Issues with camera positioning

6. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro – Innovative belt-clip for hands-free usage 

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case 2

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is another promising Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra pick. This amazing cover has a solid frame with a lightweight feel- a rare combination but hard to miss. Certified for 20ft drop endurance, the Beetle Pro case is ideal for anyone prone to dropping things more often. Drop, slip, or bump- Beetle Pro will guard your smartphone.   

Apart from safety, the mobile cover renders easy functionality and accessibility. For this, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro has precise cutouts for ports, buttons, and other features of your smartphone. However, the main highlight of this innovative case is the rotating belt-clip holster. The detachable clip easily attaches to backpack, purses, etc.  

The case also has a kickstand which you can pull out to enjoy different viewing orientations. Moreover, this product includes two screen protectors compatible with fingerprint ID. No extra costs.

  • Multi-layered TPU and PC frame 
  • Includes a rotating belt-clip 
  • Precise cutouts for ports 
  • Comes with 2 screen protectors


  • Might not fit all screen protectors 
  • Fingerprint scan issues 

7. TUCCH wallet case- Carrying cards and money made easy

TUCCH wallet case best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

Carrying wallets can be a hassle sometimes. If you agree, you must consider investing in a good wallet case like the one from TUCCH. The case is made using faux leather and TPU to offer a perfect balance between style, safety, and utility. Place your Galaxy S23 Ultra on the case, close the flap, and lock its protection with the two magnetic clasps.   

The sleek build of the TUCCH wallet case holds your phone firmly so it doesn’t slide out of its protection. Its soft TPU inner shell has cushioned shockproof edges that give protection against drops and bumps. Moreover, as the cover is tailor-designed for your new Galaxy, it provides complete access to features, buttons, cameras, and ports.  

In this wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you get four card slots and one bigger slot to carry your bills. The RFID technology ensures that your card information is safe from getting tracked by intruders. Apart from this, the case has a steady grip, a soft feel, and a stand function.

  • Soft faux leather material 
  • Works as a stand 
  • Five slots for cards and money 
  • RFID secured wallet


  • Might appear bulky 
  • Loose clasps

8. ESR – Raised edges to protect camera  

ESR best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the hottest picks for photographers. I know you would like to preserve its lenses more than anything. So, here I am with my next recommendation from ESR. Designed to perfection, this case features an adjustable camera ring that secures your rear cameras from getting scratched, bruised, or damaged.  

Its zinc alloy and PC frame cover your smartphone from all the edges. It offers military-grade drop protection through air-guard corners, raised edges around the display, and a scratch-resistant acrylic back. Thus, keeping your device safe from sudden drops, bumps, or scratches. Also, the camera ring doubles as a kickstand to give you a hands-free streaming experience.   

The case gives a firm grip, soft finish, and a sleek design that fits inside your pocket easily. Moreover, you can enjoy seamless wireless charging while on the go. Easy-peasy!

  • Slim and sleek design 
  • Works with wireless chargers 
  • Durable build 
  • Built-in camera ring-cum-kickstand


  • No raised bezels on the sides 
  • Less efficient

9. Ringke Fusion-X- Ergonomic design, sleek, and grippy 

Ringke Fusion-X best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

Get the power of X for your Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Fusion-X case from Ringke. This minimalistic cover features a transparent PC back and flexible TPU shell for strong safety from drops, scratches, and bumps against solid surfaces. In addition, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold your device for long without losing the grip.    

Fusion-X fits your device without messing up with its buttons and ports. Thanks to the perfectly aligned cutouts atop the device components, you get high responsiveness and easy accessibility to all functions. Besides, the cover is fully compatible with wireless chargers and screen protectors.   

The lanyard holes placed on each side of the case allow you to add fun accessories of your choice. This can be a hand strap, phone charms, plushies, etc.

  • Clear back for full transparency 
  • Has lanyard holes 
  • Works with wireless chargers 


  • Lacks color options

10. TORRAS Guardian case – Anti-stain coating for long use 

TORRAS Guardian case best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

TORRAS Guardian case is designed to offer end-to-end protection to your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The cover provides military-grade protection using a three-layer system that includes 360° Airbags, X-SHOCK 3.0, and TPU-made 4-Ply bumpers. As expected, the combo build disperses the impact from sudden shocks on the four corners, keeping it safe from all directions. 

This ultra-thin case features an innovative 3D Nappa texture design that provides a comfortable touch experience. Following this, the matte-coated PC back gives a sleek look that doesn’t feel bulky inside your pockets. You also get Nano-Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to safeguard your phone from stains and scratches. 

With Guardian, TORRAS offers detachable multi-color buttons to install on your phone. These buttons are responsive and lucid to the touch. Furthermore, the case is fully compatible with wireless charging.

  • Ultra-slim design 
  • Strong grip  
  • Anti-stain and anti-scratch coatings  
  • Multi-color detachable buttons


  • Camera fit issues

11. Temdan- Built-in screen protector save money  

Temdan best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra case

Do you love creating underwater vlogs but worry about the safety of your device? No more because Temdan has designed an efficient, waterproof, transparent case for your Galaxy S23 Ultra. Equipped with IP68 waterproof technology, this case features wraps your smartphone snugly from all directions. Its close fit doesn’t allow dirt to sneak inside, keeping the look of your device new as ever.  

The brand claims that this fine-built smartphone cover is certified to withstand drops from 12 feet without any visible damage. Its non-slip PC and TPU frame help you hold your device firmly and save it from impromptu slip-offs. However, even if you drop your phone someday, the shock-resistant corners absorb the impact for easy safety. 

The Temdan case has a built-in screen protector, so you don’t have to invest extra. Surely, one of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra case with built-in screen protector. Moreover, it has exact cutouts for the charging port, S-Pen, and buttons. This cover is snow-proof, scratch-proof, and shockproof.

  • Sleek and transparent frame 
  • IP68 waterproof build  
  • Has a screen protector


  • Fit issues 

Wrapping up 

An excellent mobile cover can keep your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra safe from sudden mishaps. However, finding a superior-quality case can take time and effort. But not for you because you have my list of best S23 Ultra cases. From slim to transparent to rugged- you can easily find your favorite here. So, now, if you find one, do share it in the comments section. Till then, keep reading.


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