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Google TV remote not working? 9 Ways to fix it!

Chromecast with Google TV provides a fantastic user experience with a sleek interface for watching shows and movies or launching your favorite Android apps. While the included remote is easy to use and ergonomic, it occasionally encounters hiccups and prevents you from using your TV.

If your Google TV remote is not working as expected, don’t worry! This troubleshooting guide will walk you through solutions to diagnose the problem and get the remote back in sync with Google TV.

Why is my Google TV remote not working?

From a broken remote to software glitches, there are several reasons why your Google TV remote stopped working. However, a few of the most common reasons behind this issue include:

  • The batteries in the remote are installed incorrectly or need to be replaced.
  • The remote is not paired or connected correctly to the Google TV device.
  • The Google TV remote or relevant Chromecast settings need to be reset or reconfigured.
  • The remote itself is malfunctioning due to potential hardware/software issues.
  • The Google TV voice remote has stopped functioning due to physical damage.

Now that you have spotted the culprit let’s explore the potential fixes so you can start enjoying your Google TV again!

How to fix Google TV remote not working

Here, I have shared the solutions from easiest to advanced. So, try in order and see which one works for you.

1. Restart TV

Restarting your devices can often fix the issue if your Google TV remote seems unresponsive. It clears any temporary glitches or communication issues.

  1. Unplug the power cable from the back of your TV.
  2. Wait for a few seconds, and then reconnect it.
  3. Now, unplug the Google TV device’s USB-C power cable and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting it.

2. Check and replace remote batteries

The Chromecast remote requires two AAA batteries to function. As they drain over time, old batteries cause problems such as connectivity and pairing issues, unresponsive buttons, or complete failure of the remote.

Therefore, before moving to advanced solutions, you must check if the problem lies with the battery or the remote itself. So, replace the batteries and see if the remote is working fine.

  1. Remove the drained batteries from the Google TV voice remote.
  2. Now, install a fresh set of two alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries.

However, if your Google TV remote still does not work with new batteries, move to the next solution.

3. Use your smartphone as a remote

While this might not be the solution you’re looking for, you can use your phone to control your Chromecast with Google TV instead of the original Voice remote. Also, this step will help you to perform other troubleshooting steps mentioned in this guide.

So, here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google TV.
  2. Install the Google TV app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
    Alternatively, you can use the Google Home app to control your TV.
  3. Now, open the Google TV app → Login with your primary Google Account.
  4. Tap TV Nearby at the bottom right corner of your screen.

    Open the Google TV app, login with your primary account and tap TV Nearby
  5. Select the TV you want to control → Tap the Remote icon to open the remote.

    Select the TV you want to connect, tap the remote icon to open the remote

4. Check the Remote button settings

If your remote is functioning but you can’t control specific TV settings, such as volume controls, you must check the Remote button settings. You may have accidentally changed these settings, leading to unusual issues.

  1. Press and hold the Home button to open Quick Settings.
  2. Select the Settings icon (cogwheel icon).

    Select Settings icon from Quick settings on your Google TV
  3. Go to Remotes & Accessories.

    Select Remotes and Accessories
  4. Select the Set up remote button option.

    Select Set up remote buttons
  5. Select the button that you’re facing issues with.

    Select the button you are facing issue with and choose any one from the option
  6. Then, choose any one of the following options:
    • TV (CEC): This option lets you control all devices using the Chromecast remote.
    • Auto (CEC): This automatically selects the best settings depending on your setup.
    • Chromecast: This option lets you control things on the Chromecast via Bluetooth.
    • TV’s Name (IR): This option allows you to control things on your TV over infrared.

5. Re-pair Google TV remote

Bluetooth glitches sometimes cause your Google TV remote to have connectivity issues or fail to respond correctly. In such cases, you may see a pulsing light on your remote. Reconnecting the remote is a good option to resolve it.

This process involves removing the Chromecast voice remote from the connected devices list and pairing it again to re-establish a fresh connection.

  1. Go to the Remote & Accessories menu with the steps above.
  2. Choose the Chromecast remote from the list.

    Select the Chromecast remote
  3. Select Forget to disconnect your remote.

    Select Forget
  4. Then, select Yes to confirm your decision.
  5. Now, select Pair Remote or accessory.

    Select Pair remote or accessory
  6. Press and hold the Back and Home button on the remote.
    You’ll see a while pulsating LED at the bottom of the remote.

    Select Back and Home button on your Google TV remote
  7. Select Chromecast Remote when it appears in the right pane.

6. Reset Google TV voice remote

Even after re-pairing your Google TV remote, it may malfunction due to misconfigured Chromecast settings. The remote may constantly show a solid white light to indicate this problem.

In this case, resetting it to factory settings can help you resolve the issue. This will erase any previous pairings and settings.

  1. Remove and reinsert both the batteries while pressing and holding the Home button.
  2. Keep holding the Home button until the white LED light starts to pulse.
    The remote will reconnect by itself. If it doesn’t, move to the next step.

    Keep holding the home button till the white light shows
  3. Restart your Google TV by unplugging and replugging it to the socket.
  4. Hold the Home + Back button till the light white LED light starts to pulse.
  5. Go to SettingsRemote & Accessories → Pair Remote or accessory.
  6. Finally, select Chromecast Remote when it shows up in the right pane.

    Select for the Chromecase Remote when it appears in search

7. Install latest Google TV update

Bugs and glitches in your Google TV’s operating system can also prevent the Voice remote from working correctly. You can quickly eliminate these bugs and glitches by updating your Google TV to the latest version of Android.

Here’s how you can install software updates on Google TV:

  1. Go to the Google TV Settings app.
  2. Navigate to System.
  3. Select About.

    Go to Settings, select System and tap on About
  4. Select System update and wait for a few minutes.

    Select System update
  5. If an update is available, select InstallRestart now.

8. Update Google TV Remote

Apart from updating your Google TV, updating your Chromecast Voice remote’s firmware can be a simple yet effective method to resolve connective issues. This ensures the remote has access to the latest bug fixes that may address your issues.

  1. Access the Remote & Accessories menu in Google TV Settings.
  2. Choose the Chromecast remote from the list of devices.
  3. Then, select Remote Update to initiate the update process.

    Select Remote update
  4. Select Continue and wait for the Chromecast remote to update.
    The LED on the front of the remote will pulsate during installation.

    Tap Continue to update your Google TV remote

9. Factory reset Google TV

If none of the solutions can help you resolve the issue, performing a factory reset on your Google TV device can rescue you. A factory reset will restore the device to its original settings and clear any glitches or configuration issues that might be causing the remote to malfunction.

  1. Navigate to the System menu in Google TV Settings.
  2. Access the About option.
  3. Select Factory Reset.

    Select Factory reset
  4. Then, select Factory reset again.
  5. Finally, select Erase Everything.

    Tap on Erase everything
What can I do if the remote keeps dropping the Bluetooth connection?

If the Chromecast Voice Remote keeps dropping the Bluetooth connection, ensure the batteries aren’t drained. If the AAA batteries work correctly, restart the Google TV device or reset the remote.

What can I do if my Google TV remote works but it’s responding slowly?

If your Chromecast remote is responding slowly, move the remote closer to your TV and flip the position of the Chromecast device. Moreover, you must move the Chromecast device away from the Wi-Fi router, other HDMI cables, power bricks, or anything else that can cause electrical interference.

Wrapping up…

It can be extremely frustrating if the Google TV remote stops working when you want to watch shows and movies. However, thanks to the practical solutions mentioned in this troubleshooting guide, you should be able to quickly resolve this issue and start using your Google TV remote again without wasting time.

Was this guide able to fix the issue? Or do you have any other queries? Let me know in the comments.


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