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How to add music to Instagram Notes on Android

Instagram Notes are a fun way to start conversations and share a quick status update with your followers using words or cool music. Yes, you can now add music to Instagram Notes for more personalized sharing, and in this post, I’ll share the steps to do it on your Android phone.

Furthermore, I’ll provide some troubleshooting tips to fix the difficulties you might face while adding music to your IG notes. So, why wait? Let’s begin!

What are Instagram Notes?

Introduced in December 2022, Instagram Notes are short status updates you can share with friends, family, and followers. These Notes appear at the top-left corner of your in-app inbox (DMs) and can include a short message, video, or song.

The messages can include a maximum of 60 characters in a combination of text and emojis. To add music, you can add a 30-second audio clip from Instagram’s own music library. And finally, you can also record a short video and upload it to your Notes.

As of writing, you can’t add your own music or voice to Notes. Hopefully, as seen with Meta’s other products, we might get the functionality to add voice messages to Instagtaram Notes soon.

Like Instagram Stories, Notes stay active for 24 hours for all the accounts that follow you back. Moreover, while uploading the Note, Instagram gives you the power to decide who can view it using a customized sharing option.

Lastly, anyone who can see your Notes can reply to them through a direct message—a perfect icebreaker for conversations.

How to add music to Instagram Notes

  1. Launch the Instagram app.  
  2. Navigate to Direct Messages (DMs) from the top-right corner of your feed. Alternatively, you can just swipe from right to left on the feed.
  3. Tap the Your Note icon at the top of the inbox. The icon will have your Display Picture and Your Note tag.

    Open your Instagram, go to DM and select notes icon
  4. Choose the Music icon → Select a song of your choice. 
    You can choose a song from the displayed list or search and browse your favorite song in the search bar.   
  5. Once picked, move the slider sideways to fill the 30-second time frame with your favorite part of the song.  
  6. Tap the tick icon to add the song.

    Tap on music icon, select music of your choice, select the track and hit tick icon

Note: You can create a Music note with or without adding a text message. 

You can customize the sharing settings for your Note once you have added the song to your Note. For this:  

  1. Select the Share with option below your status update.
  2. Choose from one of the following:
    • Followers you follow back 
    • Close Friends 
  3. Choose Done → Tap Share.

    Select the Share with option, choose from the option, tap done and hit share

That’s it.

How to delete and replace an Instagram Note with music

Sometimes, after you add a song to your Instagram Notes, you might fail to catch the vibe and might want to change it. Thankfully, you don’t have to stick with it for long.

You can easily delete and replace an existing music Note in simple steps.

  1. Move to the Direct Messages (DMs) section.  
  2. Tap the music note you want to make changes to.  
  3. You get two options to choose from: 
    • Leave a new note: The option will replace the existing note and create a new one.  
    • Delete note: It will delete the note instantly.

      Go to DMs, tap on the music note and select Leave a new note or Delete note

Can’t add music to Instagram Notes? Try these fixes

The above-mentioned steps are a sure shot solution to add audio to Instagram Notes easily. However, if you can’t find the Notes Music feature, it might be because the feature is not available in your country or region.

If the feature is available, and you still can’t add music to IG notes, you can try the following methods to resolve the issue.  

1. Update your Instagram account

To use music in Notes, you must ensure that your Instagram app is updated. The feature is relatively new to many regions, and the app might require an update to facilitate it.

So, you must download the lastest version of Instagram from the Google Play Store, and try using the feature again.

2. Sign out and log in to your Instagram

If you use the updated Instagram app and still can’t add music to your Notes, it’s time for a quick refresh.

Try logging out of your Instagram account and then signing back in. This handy fix might do the trick. 

To log out, tap your profile icon at the bottom right → Select the hamburger menu at the top right → Scroll down, and pick Log out. After a few seconds, sign back in to see if the feature is available.

Go to your Instagram profile, select hamburger icon, scroll down and select Log out

3. Clear Instagram app cache

Instagram cache data can be the reason for in-app glitches. Clearing the cache data from your device can easily resolve your inability to share music on Instagram Notes.

For this, go to the Settings app → AppsInstagramStorage & cacheClear cache.  

How to like a note on Instagram?

To like a note, you can tap the heart icon at the top right of the note.

Can you tell if an Instagram note is close friends?

Yes, the people in your close friends list can tell that they are included there. They can see a green ring around your profile picture.

Wrapping up 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media portals for sharing photos, building connections, and holding interactions. With Notes, the portal added an extra star to its diverse features list.

The short textual updates are good; however, music adds an exciting touch to your status. I hope you will love creating music notes on Instagram. If you have any further questions, you can drop them in the comments below!


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