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How to FaceTime on Android: Connect across platforms

As a typical Android user, I used to envy Apple’s impressive FaceTime calling feature. While most Apple features remain exclusive to Apple users, FaceTime has opened up for Android users. But how to FaceTime on Android when Apple still doesn’t offer an app on the Play Store?

Don’t worry; there’s a way out. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to use FaceTime on Android. Let’s start with the minimum software and device requirements.

Requirements to FaceTime on Android

For Android: The absence of a dedicated FaceTime app means that you will have to join the FaceTime call via a web browser. Also, Android users can’t initiate a FaceTime call; they can only join a call started from an Apple device.

For Apple: Apple users can initiate a FaceTime call from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The software requirements are as follows:

  • iPhone: iOS 15 or later
  • iPad: iPadOS 15 or later
  • Mac: macOS Monterey or later

How to FaceTime on an Android phone

Certain features of FaceTime are available exclusively to Apple users. As mentioned earlier, initiating a call is one such feature.

An Android or a Windows user can only join via a link to be able to FaceTime. Let’s look at the steps to create a link for FaceTime calls from an iPhone.

  1. Open the FaceTime app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap Create Link.
  3. Send the FaceTime link to an Android user via email, SMS, or any other option available in the share sheet.
  4. Once the Android user taps the link to join, you’ll receive a pop-up displaying that Someone has requested to join. Tap the pop-up request.
    Open FaceTime, Tap on Create Link, Share the link with Android user, notification will appear when someone request to join from link
  5. Select Join.
  6. Now, tap the info icon at the top right.
  7. Finally, allow the Android user to join the call by tapping the green tick ✅.
  8. Tap Done to go back to the video calling interface.
    Tap on Join, Click the info icon, tap green check sign, and then tap Done

How to join FaceTime calls on your Android phone

  1. Tap on the FaceTime link you receive from your known Apple contact.
  2. You will be redirected to your browser and might need to permit the call by tapping Allow.
  3. Enter your name → Hit Continue.
  4. Tap Join.
    Tap on invitation link, Enter the name and Click on Continue, then hit Join

This will send a joining request to the host. Once the host accepts your request, you will be able to enter the FaceTime call.

Features of FaceTime on Android

Although you can now use FaceTime on an Android, the features are relatively limited. The web version only offers the basic calling features.

  • Full-screen icon: To expand the screen size, you can tap the full-screen icon.
  • Camera icon: Selecting the video call button will show or hide your face.
  • Microphone: To mute or unmute yourself, you can select the microphone icon.
    Tap Full Screen button to expand the view, Tap Camera button to turn on or off camera, Tap microphone icon to turn on or off microphone
  • Three-dot icon: You can see the list of participants or find the option to share the FaceTime link with others.
    Tap on three-dot icon to see the participant in the call or to find the invitation link to share with others

Limitations to using FaceTime on Android

Although Android users receive FaceTime on their devices, there’s a set of limitations.

  • Android users have to depend on their browsers to join FaceTime calls.
  • They can’t initiate FaceTime calls; they can only join.
  • Specific features like SharePlay or screen sharing are unavailable.
  • Joining FaceTime via a browser doesn’t offer as good a user experience as a dedicated app due to potential glitches and comparatively poor browsing speeds.

Hanging up…

As of writing, it remains unclear whether Apple will add some of the fancy features to the web version or launch a dedicated FaceTime app for the Google Play Store.

Until then, you can always enjoy FaceTime calls on Android using the steps provided above. What are your thoughts about FaceTime for video calls? Let me know in the comments.


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