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How to make a Spotify Blend on Android


  • Spotify Blend lets you create a shared playlist with friends, family, and even popular artists.
  • To create a Spotify Blend playlist on your Android phone, go to Your Library > Plus icon > Blend > Tap Invite to send an invite to your contacts.
  • The auto-generated Blend playlist has songs that connect the musical tastes of the inviter and the participants.

Are you tired of listening to the same songs on a loop? Are you curious to know what your friends, family, or favorite musicians are jamming to? If yes, it’s time to create a Spotify Blend playlist on Android. This handy feature will auto-create a playlist with your favorite songs and tracks liked by the people you want to Blend with. Sounds perfect!

In this article, I will explain how to make a Spotify Blend playlist on Android and show how to effortlessly manage the playlists and use its features optimally. Let’s get started.

What is Spotify Blend?

As mentioned earlier, Spotify Blend is a fun feature that creates a shared playlist with your friends, family, and even artists. Unlike Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music, Blend playlists are auto-generated by the streaming platform using its smart algorithms and interface.   

First, the app analyzes the song listening patterns of all the Blend members on Spotify. Next, it creates a playlist featuring the songs streamed by all the members, in groups or individually.

This way, Spotify Blend offers a unique playlist with songs depicting different genres, artists, music, and languages. Sounds fun! 

How to make a Spotify Blend playlists on your Android phone

There are two easy methods to create a Blend playlist – using Your Library and using Search. Let’s delve into them.

Using Your Library

  1. Launch the Spotify app.  
  2. Pick the Your Library tab from the bottom.

    Open Spotify app and Go to Your Library
  3. Tap the Plus icon → Select Blend.
  4. Pick Invite to send the Blend playlist link to your family and friends.  
    From the list of apps on your device, choose one to share the Spotify blend link with your contacts. You can also copy the link and share it manually.

    Tap on Plus icon, Choose Blend, and Pick Invite to invite friends to Blend
  5. Once they accept the invite, a shared playlist will be created based on the music taste of the inviter and participants.
  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Go to Search → Choose Made for you under Browse all.
    Alternatively, type blend in the search bar → Tap Blend Genre 
  3. Pick Create a blend.

    Go to Search on Spotify app, Choose Made For You, and Pick Create a Blend
  4. Tap Invite to share the Blend playlist link with others.  
    Select an app to share the Spotify Blend invite link with friends and family. You can also copy and send the link. 

In both cases, the invitees must tap Join to use Spotify Blend to create a playlist. Once they do so, Spotify instantly creates a tracklist featuring songs similar to the members’ listening preferences.  

Spotify allows you to send the Blend invite link to up to 10 people and include up to 50 songs in a single playlist. Moreover, you can identify whose song preference or who has added a song to the Blend playlist by seeing the initials and display pictures placed against each track.

FYI, the Blend playlist is updated daily with new songs that sync with the members’ streaming style. Plus, your official Spotify username and profile picture are visible to everyone connected to the Blend playlist. They can share this information on social portals as well. 

Besides, Spotify allows you to customize your Blend playlist according to your taste. From changing the playlist name to adding new friends to an existing Blend playlist, the app lets you do it all in a few simple taps. Let’s look at them in the next section.   

How to manage existing Blend playlist on Android

Once you are done creating a Blend playlist, you can tweak its settings to enjoy a more personalized app experience. The sections below will help you custom edit your existing playlist on Blend easily.  

Rename a Blend playlist 

  1. Open the Blend playlist in the app.  
  2. Tap the three-dot icon → Pick Edit name.  
  3. Enter a new name → Tap Done

    Tap on three dot icon, Choose Edit name, Write a new name in the box and Hit Done

Add Friends to existing Blend playlist

  1. Open the Blend playlist where you want to add new members.  
  2. Select the three-dot icon → Choose Add members.  
  3. Hit Invite more. 
    Choose an app to send the invite link to your preferred contacts. Feel free to copy-paste the link at your convenience.

    Move to Blend Playlist, Tap on three-dot icon, Choose Add members, Tap Invite more

How to view Blend Story 

Spotify creates a short slideshow called Blend Story, highlighting the musical taste match percentage and the song that brings the group together. To view the Blend story on Spotify, follow the steps:  

  1. Open your Blend playlist.  
  2. Tap the swirling bubble icon appearing right above your Blend playlist name.

    Tap on Swirling icon right above the Blend playlist name to view a Blend story
  3. In case the above method doesn’t work, you can: 
    • Select the three-dot icon
    • Pick View Blend story
      Tap on three-dot icon and select View Blend story

Leave Spotify Blend playlist 

  1. Go to the Blend playlist you want to quit. 
  2. Tap the three-dot icon.  
  3. Select Leave Blend.

    Tap on three-dot icon and select Leave Blend

How to create Spotify Blend playlist with an artist 

Spotify is home to one of the biggest musical hubs for artists and music lovers worldwide. Remembering this, the portal lets you enjoy a Blend playlist with your favorite musicians, creators, and athletes.  

However, you cannot directly create Blend with an artist; instead, you get access to a playlist compiled by the artist. The playlist contains songs from your library and the library of the renowned artist.   

Note: The Spotify Blend feature is only available for a select few artists and musicians. Here’s the list of artists with whom you can blend on Spotify.   

Follow the steps here to create a Spotify Blend with an artist of your choice. 

  1. Launch the Spotify app.  
  2. Go to Search → Enter the artist’s name in the search bar.  
  3. In the artist’s profile, choose Artist’s pick playlist.  
  4. Tap the Blend invite link.  
    Alternatively, you can visit the said artist’s social media pages, like X or Instagram, to get the Blend invite link.  
  5. Spotify automatically opens the app and asks you to choose Go to Blend. 
  6. Once accepted, Spotify creates a playlist with artists’ picked songs and your favorite collection.   

Where to find all my Blend playlists on Spotify 

We all have friends from different walks of life. So, why force all of them into a single Blend playlist? Thankfully, the streaming platform allows you to use Spotify Blend to create a playlist with each friend individually.

This ensures you get a personal musical feel with every group. To see all your Blends, follow the steps given here:  

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap Search → Select Made For You.  
  3. You can see the 10 most recently created Blends in the Made for Us section.  
    Blends are auto-included in other persons’ libraries, too.

    Go to Search, Select Made For You option and there is recently created blend playlist under Made For Us section 
Do you need Premium for Spotify Blend? 

No, you don’t need a Premium subscription to make songs blend on Spotify.  

What is Friends Mix on Spotify?

If you have multiple Blend playlists, Friends Mix will further elevate your streaming scene. It resembles a shared playlist that links your musical taste with the likes of your friends with whom you share a one-on-one Blend playlist. However, you can create a Friends Mix only when you are in three one-on-one Blends playlists.   

How many songs are in a Spotify blend? 

Spotify Blend playlists have up to 50 songs.  

Does the Spotify Blend playlist change daily?  

Yes, Spotify updates the Blend playlists daily with new songs per your listening choices. 

Wrapping up 

Enjoying music with your loved ones is sheer happiness. Thankfully, with Spotify Blend, you get a playlist that effortlessly satisfies everybody’s musical tastes. I hope this article on how to make a Blend in Spotify on Android will make your friends’ gatherings even more fun.  

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, keep following us for more such guides on Android phones.


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