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How to turn on or off Quiet mode on Instagram from Android phone

Quick Answer

  • To turn on Instagram’s Quiet mode on Android, open Instagram > Profile icon > Hamburger menu > Notifications > Quiet mode > Toggle on Quiet mode.  
  • You can set the timeframe for up to 12 hours per day for the Quiet mode on Instagram.  

Tired of pestering friend requests and chat notifications on Instagram? Are these popups sabotaging your me-time? Well, it’s time to turn on Quiet mode on Instagram from Android. This handy feature will stop sending notifications on your phone for a chosen period and days. Sounds fun?  

In this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to put Instagram in Quiet mode and turn it off at your convenience. In addition, you will learn about the key changes Quiet mode brings to your Instagram experience. But first, let me introduce you to Quiet mode on Instagram. Let’s go, fellas: 

What is Instagram’s Quiet mode? 

Instagram’s Quiet mode is an in-app feature that prevents notifications from bothering you at night. You can enable it for up to 12 hours for an entire week or any particular day of your choice.  

Once you add your preferred timings and days, Quiet mode is automatically activated at the scheduled time. You will even receive a notification 10 minutes before starting the Quiet mode, ensuring you are always aware of the time off planned.  

FYI, Quiet mode restricts notifications from reaching you while you are away from the app. However, you will get all the notifications if you use the app. Moreover, you will see some significant changes in your Instagram activity after activating the Quiet mode. I will cover them later in this article.   

How to enable Instagram’s Quiet mode on Android phone

  1. Launch the Instagram app.  
  2. Navigate to the Profile icon → Tap the hamburger icon.

    Tap on the profile icon and select the hamburger icon in Instagram
  3. Select Notifications → Pick Quiet mode.  
  4. Toggle on Quiet mode.

    Select Notifications, tap on Quiet mode, toggle on quiet mode and make changes in the settings
  5. You can make the following settings:
    • Start time: The timer helps you set the starting time for Quiet mode. 
      Select Start time → Enter your preferred time → Tap OK.  
    • End time: This allows you to set the time to stop the Quiet mode. 
      Pick End time → Feed the time on the timer → Select OK.  
    • Choose days: The feature is turned on by default for the entire week. However, you can shut it off for a particular day easily.
      Tap the initial representing the day you want to disable the Quiet Mode.   

Note: As mentioned above, you can enable Quiet mode for a maximum of 12 hours on Instagram.  

What happens when you enable Quiet mode on Instagram? 

The primary purpose of the Quiet Mode on Instagram is to help create a balance between your real and social media lives. Here’s everything that the feature does for you: 

  • No notifications: When you enable Quiet Mode on Instagram, your Android phone will not receive notifications. These can include alerts about new direct messages, friend requests, comments, and more.
  • Notification summary: Not receiving notifications doesn’t mean you missed the important stuff. Fortunately, Instagram offers an overview of all notifications or DMs you might have missed during the Quiet mode period. It is delivered to you after you turn off the feature.
  • Auto-reply for Messages: If someone sends you a DM while you are in Quiet Mode, the app sends an automated reply informing them about your inactive status. Plus, anyone who opens your chat thread can see the words In quiet mode mentioned below your username.
  • Inactive status: When you activate Quiet Mode, Instagram changes the status icon appearing on your display picture from a green dot to a moon. Your followers can see the activity status even when you have turned it off for your account.

How to turn off Instagram’s Quiet mode on Android 

Instagram’s Quiet mode turns off automatically at the time you set when turning it on. But sometimes, you might want to disable it before the scheduled time, for a particular day, or permanently. Thankfully, Instagram allows you to do that manually.  

Follow the steps below to temporarily or permanently deactivate Quiet mode on Instagram.   

  1. Open the Instagram app.  
  2. Go to the Profile icon at the bottom of the screen.  
  3. Select the hamburger icon → Choose Notifications → Tap Quiet mode
  4. Toggle off Quiet mode.  
  5. A prompt shows up requesting you to choose either of the options: 
    • Skip for now: Pick this option to end Quiet mode temporarily for a particular day.  
      You will receive a prompt indicating the date and time when Quiet mode will resume for the same duration for the day you chose when you turned the feature on earlier.  
    • Turn off quiet mode: The option will disable the Quiet mode permanently.
  6. Select Turn off quiet mode.

    Turn off Quiet mode in Instagram on Android
Can I turn on Quiet mode for one person? 

No, you cannot turn on Quiet mode for a single person. It is activated for all the followers.  

Can I schedule Quiet mode on Instagram?

Yes, you can schedule the duration and number of days for Quiet mode on Instagram.

Wrapping up…

Instagram is packed with handy features like Quiet mode that help you find a sneak peek from the web of social media portals. This article on how to put Instagram in Quiet mode will restrict Instagram notifications so you can steal a few hours of solitude every day.

While the steps are easy to follow, if you still find any issues, do share them in the comments section. We would love to help you. Keep following us for more such Android-friendly guides.


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