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30 Best Android secret codes in 2024

Quick Summary

  • With Android secret codes, you can easily access your device information, run diagnostics, and activate key functions.
  • You can use these codes by launching your Phone app > Entering the code in the dial pad.
  • Most secret codes for Android give automatic results. However, some might require a tap on the Call button.

After using Android for years, you might think you know all about it. Surprisingly, here’s a catch! From the dial pad of your Phone app, you can access hidden features using secret codes. Like cheat codes, these Android secret codes provide you with valuable device information.

While there are plenty of secret codes for Android devices, you should know about the most essential ones. So, stay with me till the end of this article to learn about the best Android secret codes and understand their purposes. Let’s start!

What are Android secret codes?

Android secret codes are shortcodes that help you access hidden details and features.

These codes have a combination of numbers and symbols that you can feed into the dialer of your Phone app. While most secret codes give instant response when entered, some might need you to press the Call button to offer the desired information.  

There are two primary categories of hidden codes for Android phones: Man Machine Interface (MMI) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

MMI codes interact directly with your phone’s hardware and software, often revealing diagnostics, tests, and settings not found in the usual menus.

USSD codes, on the other hand, primarily deal with your network provider’s services. So, these codes are accessible only in the presence of an active network connection.  

You can access the secret code collection on websites and apps. Plus, you can view specific secret codes for your device, such as Samsung secret codes, by running a search on Google using the device name.  

Best Android secret codes for device information

Here is the list of Android codes that will provide information on your device’s key details.

*#06# – Finds your IMEI number

You can use this code to find your device’s IMEI number. If you lose the device box, which has the IMEI printed on the back, this comes in handy.

FYI, if you use this code on a Samsung device, it will provide the IMEI and serial numbers together.


*#*#232338#*#* – Provides the MAC address

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique address associated with a device.

It comprises 12 characters – letters and numbers – assigned to your device’s Network Interface Card. The code helps to identify your device while being connected to a network.   

*#*#3264#*#* – Checks your RAM version

This Android secret code helps you find the RAM storage offered on your device.  

*#*#44336#*#* – Shows device’s build time

You can use this code to find out the birthdate of your device. Yes, it displays the time when the manufacturer built your phone.   

*#*#4636#*#* – Gives detailed device information

This code is a one-stop solution to your queries. It gives in-depth information about your device, usage statistics of apps, and Wi-Fi data. This data is helpful if you buy a refurbished phone.  

*#*#34971539#*#* – Shows camera data

This secret code for Android phones provides knowledge about the camera setup. It describes details like camera count, firmware, maximum zoom, etc.  

*#3282*727336*# – Get system and storage data

You can use this USSD code to retrieve information about the core Android system and the available storage on the device. It also shows the data consumption on the screen.  

*#0228# – Shows battery status

The code displays vital information about your smartphone battery in a menu. It includes information about the current charging status, voltage, etc.  

Secret codes to run diagnostics on Android 

Using these secret codes on your Android devices can help you fix some of the most common issues instantly.

*#0*# – Activates general test mode

Sometimes, a third-party app can hamper your smartphone’s smooth working. In such a case, you can run this secret code and test a plethora of features discretely.

The code provides information on touch testing, LED, RGB testing, barcode emulator test, front cam, sub key, grip sensor testing, and device version. FYI, this secret code is only available on some devices. 

*#7353# Displays the Quick test menu

This code opens the Quick Test menu on your smartphone. You can use it to check your phone’s functionality and troubleshoot an issue that pops up.  

*#*#197328640#*#* – Activates service mode

By activating service mode, this code lets you run multiple tests on your device. This includes diagnosis of system settings, haptics, vibration, network settings, and RGB calibration and adjustment on screen.

Plus, it gives access to critical information, including IMEI number, SIM details, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and radio signals.  

*#*#0588#*#* – Runs proximity sensor test

This code helps you fine-tune the proximity sensor or run a test on it.

Doing so can ensure the flawless working of the built-in proximity sensor. You won’t face common issues like pocket dials or unwanted touches on the screen while attending calls.  

*#0589# – Runs light sensor test

Like other tests, you can use this code to check the functionality of the light sensor on your device.  

*#*#2664#*#* – Runs Touchscreen test

The code comes to your rescue when the touch screen on your Android starts misbehaving. It also tests multitouch, 3D touch, and other touch-focused analytics.   

*#*#526#*#* – Conducts a WLAN test

Nobody likes a poor Wi-Fi network. If you feel your WLAN is not working, you can dial this code on your device. It helps you test the signal strength, data transfer speed, network stability, and security standards.   

*2767*3855# – Wipes device and reinstalls firmware

It is one of the most essential secret codes that can help you restore the factory settings on your Android device. Before using it, you must know that it will wipe off all the data on your phone, including passwords, apps, and settings.  

Apart from resetting, the code reinstalls the firmware on your phone. So, you get updated software at the cost of your data.  

*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Creates a backup for media files

This code creates a backup for your media files, saving them from getting lost forever during emergencies such as malware attacks.   

*#*#0842#*#* – Tests backlight and vibration

Using this code, you can check the performance of your device’s vibration and backlight settings. 

*#*#0673#*#* or *#*#0289#*#* – Runs an audio test

Try either of these codes to check the functional performance of your device’s speakers.  

Secret Android codes for hardware and software settings 

Know everything about the core infrastructure – hardware and software – of your Android smartphone using these secret codes.

*#12580*369# – Displays hardware and software data

You can use this code to make yourself aware of your Android device’s operating system, model variant, firmware, battery status, and more. The code is an effective remedial solution to diagnose your device during an impromptu crash. However, you must be cautious while making changes.  

*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – Checks firmware status

This handy code lets you quickly determine if your firmware has been exposed or compromised. Further, it validates the authenticity of the firmware on your smartphone. Moreover, this code can retrieve essential data like your model number, manufacturing date, Android version, hardware, etc.  

*#*#1472365#*#* – Runs a GPS test

Most apps and features rely on your Android device’s GPS for smooth functioning. Even a slight inaccuracy in your location can leave you in the nowhere land. This code can access Android’s GPS Test or GPS information menu.  

This includes information about GPS, signal strength, and location. In addition, you can conduct diagnostic tests to find GPS glitches.  

Best Android secret codes to manage calls and messages 

Given below is a list of Android secret codes focused on the calling and text message settings of your devices.

*#67# – Checks call forwarding status

This code helps you check if call forwarding is active on your device.  

*31# – Control your caller ID

If you don’t want to show your caller ID to your call receiver, you can use the *31# code to turn it off temporarily. However, if the facility is already disabled, running the *31# code will trigger it.  

*43# – Activates call waiting

The code enables call-waiting services on Android devices. Once turned on, you will be notified about incoming calls while attending one. You can rerun the same code to turn off the service.   

*5005*7672# – Displays SMS message center contact

Use this code to extract the phone number of your SMS message center.  

Android secret codes to check phone settings 

These Android secret codes will let you optimize your phone settings for a more seamless experience.

*3282# – Text message for billing data

This secret code is the easiest method to track AT&T data usage. Once dialed, the carrier sends a free message to your device, providing your upcoming billing data, total data consumption, and data overage. In the case of a family plan, the message shows the data usage of each participant.   

*#*#7594#*#* – Makes changes to the Power Button

Using this code, you can change the functionality of the Power button on your Android phone. For instance, you can enable power off on the button, saving you from picking options.   

*#*#7780#*#* – Initiates a factory reset

You can factory reset your Android smartphone using this code. Since you will lose all your data post-factory reset, you must be cautious before entering this code on the dial pad.   

#*#426#*# – Runs Google Play analytics

This code shows the Firebase Cloud Messaging diagnostics. In simple words, it displays crucial information about the Google Play Services.

Can secret codes harm my Android phone? 

No, most secret codes are safe to use on Android devices. However, you must use them cautiously, especially during unreversible changes like system resets.  

How can I find specific secret codes for my device? 

You can Google your phone model to access specific secret codes for your Android device.  

Why can’t my device recognize any secret codes? 

Some service providers eliminate specific secret codes. So, you must go through your phone’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to confirm the validity of the code you entered.  

Wrapping up 

Simply put, secret codes for Android phones are a convenient way to access functions, run diagnostic tests, and troubleshoot glitches. In this article, I have covered the most common and essential Android secret codes that can save you time and effort.

This list is quite comprehensive. However, if you still find some secret codes missing, do mention them in the comments!

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