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9 Best app lockers for Android in 2024 (Free and Paid) 

Smartphones are the easy pathway to our personal and professional lives. However, sometimes you meet people who scroll through your phone without your say. If you have often faced this situation, it’s time to add an app locker to your Android device. You can keep your apps private and safe from prying eyes using PINs, passwords, or biometrics.

While the Google Play Store offers a plethora of app locks to choose from, you can’t trust them all with your phone’s safety. In this article, I have compiled the best app lockers for Android with robust lock styles, seamless interface, and friendly prices. So, why wait? Let’s hop on to our list quickly:

1. AppLock Fingerprint – Editor’s Choice

SpSoft app lock best app locker for Android

Looking for the best app lock with a fingerprint scanner? Say hello to AppLock – Fingerprint. Equipped with multiple lock mechanisms, such as a password, gesture, PIN, fingerprint, face recognition, or pattern, AppLock – Fingerprint blends with your Android ecosystem perfectly.

Sometimes, a person might take hold of your phone in your absence. Fortunately, AppLock captures the selfie or video of the intruder and sends it to your email. Moreover, you can set locks for a specific time or trigger auto-unlock when connected to a particular network. Further, there is a fake lock that shows a fake error window when someone tries to sneak into a locked app.   

For better safety, you can restrict notifications from locked apps, reset lost passcodes, and set a limit for unlock attempts. In addition, the app lets you auto-lock newly installed apps, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

  • Gesture and face locks 
  • Auto-locks new apps 
  • Fake lock support 
  • Blocks notifications of locked apps 


  • Stops working frequently 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

2. App Lock by Inshot – Multiple locks for excellent safety

InShot App Lock best app lockers for Android

Gift your smartphone the best of safety with App Lock from Inshot. A simple interface with robust security features protects your smartphone from outside intrusion. You can use patterns, password codes, and fingerprint locks to guard your apps.  

Offering all-round protection, App Lock detects new apps and helps lock them in a single click. In addition, the lock works in real-time with no lags, so you can skip worrying about others getting even a single glimpse of your data. It is one of the best app locks with a fingerprint scanner for all the good reasons.  

If you love the privacy of your pictures and videos, you can trust App Lock. The app encrypts the Gallery to turn it into a digital vault where no one can access them. Further, the portal captures selfies of anyone who enters the wrong password while accessing your phone. 

  • Multiple lock types 
  • Real-time locking system 
  • Intruder selfie feature 
  • Turns Photo gallery into a vault 


  • Can be messy with some apps 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99) 

3. Norton App Lock – Single PIN for multiple apps

Norton app lock best app locker for Android

Norton App Lock is a one-shot solution to all your phone security concerns. Its user-friendly interface helps guard your lock screen with a strong password or pattern lock. This is handy when your favorite applications for storing photos or making online payments do not feature a default lock system.   

For a forgetful being like me, remembering passwords for every app is challenging. Fortunately, Norton App Lock allows me to use the same 4-digit PIN to lock multiple apps. In addition, you can pick the apps you want to add a privacy lock to. The app gives recommendations to help you make informed choices.

The anti-theft feature captures the picture of any person who fails to unlock your device after three attempts. Moreover, with efficient parental controls, you can keep your stuff private from the curious little ones. Enjoy top-notch safety at your fingertips with this best free app locker for Android. Sounds fun! 

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Smart app lock solutions 
  • Single PIN for multiple apps 


  • Slightly delayed app access 
  • Lacks dark mode

Price: Free 

IVYMOBILE App lock best app locker for Android

IVY AppLock is among the most popular free app lockers for the Android ecosystem. Its smart security system restricts strangers from accessing the private data stored on your phone. Here, you can enable a password or pattern lock for apps and enjoy uncompromised privacy.   

If you have a treasure trove of private or personal pictures you don’t want to share, the IVY Android app locker with photo vault is perfect for you. The app encrypts your Gallery so nobody can access those pictures or videos without your will. Moreover, this app locker with message security doesn’t allow anyone to peek into your WhatsApp or text messages.

The portal offers an invisible pattern lock and a random keyboard, making your lock untraceable for strangers. Also, you get the app disguise feature that pops up a fake crash screen to confuse intruders. The app is fully customizable, making it easy to set the lock settings per your preference.  

  • Free to use 
  • Encrypts your Gallery 
  • Creates invisible pattern lock 
  • Supports an app disguise feature 


  • Frequent bugs and glitches 
  • Drop in performance after the update  

Price: Free 

5. Ultra AppLock – Unique lock patterns

Ultra App Lock best app locker for Android

Ultra AppLock is undoubtedly one of the most efficient Android app lockers. Why? Because it offers a wide range of lock types from which to choose.

Taking a break from the usual PIN and pattern locks, Ultra Lock has three innovative options: Hours and Minutes PIN, Battery and Battery PIN, and Date and Month PIN. This makes Ultra AppLock one of the best app lockers for Android.

The app also houses combinations of these lock styles, such as Minutes and Date PIN, Minutes and Month PIN, Hours and Date PIN, etc. These uncommon app lock styles likely leave people guessing your password for hours. While security is top-notch, the app responds slowly to your commands.   

With its spy camera, Ultra AppLock clicks a selfie if someone tries to open your locked apps. It also shows a notification when you unlock the app next time. Lastly, you have PIN modifiers to complicate your PIN code further. 

  • Multiple lock types 
  • Real-time locking system 
  • Intruder selfie feature 
  • Turns Photo gallery into a vault 


  • Lacks disguise lock 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.49) 

6. App Lock – Disguise app facility to trick intruders

App Lock best app locker for Android

Are you the personal finance manager of your family? If yes, then App Lock is a necessity for you. Using this app, you can easily lock your digital payment apps like PayPal with PIN, pattern locks, or fingerprint. This will keep your payments private and safe from unauthorized access.

Like most of the best app lockers for Android, App Lock auto-captures the selfie of the person who enters the wrong password to log into your app. Moreover, you can hide the pattern lock path, customize the relock settings, and lock new apps with one click. 

The disguise app lock feature replaces the original app icon with a new, revamped look. This way, you can keep your app data safe from others. You can even hide your photos, making them visible only through a passcode clearance. Lastly, this portal claims to support uninstall protection, though the feature doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

  • Smart safety lock systems 
  • Hides photos/videos in gallery
  • Disguise app lock  
  • Easy to use and customize 


  • Activation issue after phone restart 
  • Relock settings can be glitchy 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99) 

7. AI Locker – Best app locker for Android users with kids

AI Locker best app locker for Android

With AI Locker, you can save yourself from the mini heart attack you get when someone takes your phone. This versatile app protector restricts entry to your favorite apps with passwords, fingerprint scans, and pattern codes.

The app adopts a seamless interface without compromising the security and privacy of your app data. Besides, if your little one often steals your phone, you can quickly lock system settings. Doing so will help you prevent unwanted changes to your device and save you from your child’s fiery tantrum.

AI Locker safeguards your Gallery, social media accounts, payment apps, and more. Moreover, the app is fully customizable. You can hop between multiple fun themes with beautiful colors—an easy way to save and decorate your phone. 

  • Variety of lock systems 
  • Easy to use  
  • Customize locks with fun themes


  • Limited features 
  • Frequent ads 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 

8. AppLock by SailingLab – Instant safety for new Android apps

SailingLab app lock best app locker for Android

App lock by SailingLab is all you need to protect your phone’s privacy. Whether you want to stop your friends from opening your DMs or your colleagues from peeking into your Gallery – this app locker does it all. Simply enable a PIN or a pattern lock and heave a sigh of relief.    

Keep your photos and videos hidden from everyone’s sight by encrypting your Gallery. In addition, AppLock tracks the installation of new apps and the latest updates in the existing ones in real time. This way, it manages to keep your device safe. 

The app allows you to set lock time and activate it at your convenience. Also, the random keyboard makes unlocking easy and speedy. Further, you can find built-in themes to apply to your PIN and pattern locks. Trust me; it is one of Android’s best home screen lockers. 

  • Minimalistic interface 
  • PIN and pattern lock 
  • Rich lock themes 


  • A bit expensive 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 

9. Applock Pro – Fully customizable lock timer

Applock Pro best app locker for Android

Most people have this annoying habit of sneaking into your phone. Thankfully, Applock Pro restricts access to your phone without your permission. The app secures your private data with a passcode, fingerprint, knock code, and pattern locks.  

The portal has multiple tools that not only safeguard your apps but also alert you about intrusions. For instance, the spy alarm rings loudly when a wrong password is entered five times. Plus, the spy camera captures the selfies of people who try to open your locked apps.  

Applock Pro has a lock timer to set and reset the time of the lock at your convenience. In addition, you can block notifications of locked apps for added safety. Other advanced features include new app alerts, lock recent apps menu, system status, line visibility, and vibration. Plus, the app fits your budget easily.   

  • Spy camera and app lock timer 
  • Fully customizable  
  • Blocks notifications 
  • Various lock types 


  • Can be glitchy sometimes 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 

Bonus Pick – Microsoft Launcher 

Microsoft Launcher best app locker for Android

Curated for Android, Microsoft Launcher is one of the most popular app launchers for Android. Thanks to its minimalistic interface, you can access an organized home screen. I have included the app in this list because of its built-in app-locking feature that is no less than a dedicated app locker.   

With Microsoft Launcher, you can customize your Android home screen and lock away apps you want to keep private. The launcher offers a secure way to lock and hide apps in the drawer app with passwords or PINs. In addition, the app never fails to alert you about any app activity through notifications. Perfect! 

In addition, you can choose to switch the original icons with custom icon packs. It is a smart way to confuse people scrolling through your phone without permission. Moreover, you can go for gesture customizations for a more personalized experience.

  • Fully customizable 
  • Simple interface 
  • Hides icons for safety 
  • Timely alerts 


  • Buggy at times 
  • Fewer features compared to competitors 

Price: Free  

Wrapping up 

While you love sharing stuff with friends and family, you might want some privacy with some special things. You can trust the app lockers for Android from this list.

I hope you like my collection. However, if I missed your favorite, do share it in the comments section. Also, keep visiting us for more useful Android content.

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