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9 Best apps to hide photos and videos on Android in 2024

Besides good selfies, nature snaps, and family photos, all our galleries have some specific images or videos that we wouldn’t want others to see. That may include images with sensitive data, like certain documents, IDs, etc. Here, the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android come into play.

These apps are highly reliable and ensure the security of your photos and videos effectively. Confused about which one to choose? In this blog, I have compiled a list of the best apps to hide pictures and videos on Android.

Why choose an external app to hide photos and videos on Android?

You may ask, what’s the point of installing a third-party app to hide photos and videos on Android when you already have a Locked folder feature in Google Photos and Google Files? Well, while these apps are sufficient for basic protection, external apps offer a wide range of unique functionalities.

You may get advanced security measures, customizable options, and innovative disguises that are hard to overlook. A plethora of additional privacy benefits make these apps a preferred choice by individuals looking for comprehensive security.

9 Best apps to hide pictures and videos on Android

After carefully going through the features and interface of each app, I have handpicked the below apps that I feel are best. While some listed apps are well-known and widely installed, others are hidden gems with so much to offer!

1. Keepsafe – Advanced security for your memories


Keepsafe app tops my experience in every aspect, from the user interface to hassle-free surfing through the features. It is beyond those conventional photo vaults and offers an advanced security fortress for cherished memories.

It renders a robust defense mechanism through PIN or fingerprint lock and military-grade encryption for the Private Cloud that you can access anywhere, anytime. The face-down feature of the app locks itself when your device faces down, thus saving you if you’re in a pickle.

Another amazing app feature is its safe sending feature, through which you can control how long the recipient can see the picture. The photos would disappear 20 seconds after being received. Moreover, the fact that the app wouldn’t appear in the list of recently used apps makes it even better!

  • Advanced security options with military-grade encryption
  • Safe-send option for efficient regulation
  • Album Lock and break-in alerts
  • Decoy Keepsafe for added security


  • No significant cons

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

2. LockMyPix – Intuitive design, unparalleled privacy


LockMyPix is no less than the best one on my list, thanks to its intuitive design and unparalleled privacy. The app offers a myriad of astounding features like robust encryption, a decoy mode, and advanced login options, including fingerprint and even face and iris unlock on supported devices.

You can keep watch on people who try to break into your private vault. Plus, LockMyPix lets you create a decoy secret vault with a different password. Also, it offers true Full AES encryption similar to the governments and banks worldwide, making this app best in Cyber security.

I loved how seamlessly I created multiple albums and sub-albums. Additionally, it allows you to use the SD card for your private photo and video vault and free up space on your internal storage. So, the app is the perfect fit for hiding photos and videos on Android.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Robust Full AES encryption for advanced protection
  • SD card storage of photo and video vault


  • Limited customization as compared to other similar apps

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

3. Calculator – Discreet protection in a calculator

Calculator - photo vault

Talking about discreet protection features, I had to add Calculator photo vault to the list. Offering unique security measures, this photo vault is one of the best apps to hide pictures and videos on Android. On your app library, it disguises itself as a fully functional calculator.

However, behind the scenes, you’d get a secure and efficient locker where you can store your private photos and videos. I am so fond of how this discreet approach assists me with protecting privacy without drawing attention to the hidden content.

The app features numerous other features like a private browser for safe browsing, a shake close feature, an intruder selfie, a fingerprint lock, and well, a functional calculator!

  • Disguises itself as a calculator to offer covert protection
  • Inbuilt private browser for safe browsing of private websites
  • Shake close feature to close the app quickly


  • It lacks some of the advanced features

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

4. Hide Something – Basic yet effective privacy

Hide Something

If you are looking for an app not all gaudy yet offers effective protection, Hide Something is just for you. The straightforward app might be basic in appearance, but it effectively protects the privacy of your media from prying eyes.

The app’s simple interface and easy-to-use features offer convenient solutions, making it perfect for users like me, who seek minimalistic UI with high efficacy. With Hide Something, you can easily hide photos and videos behind a PIN or pattern lock.

  • Easy-to-use, minimalist interface
  • One-click to browse the phone’s invisible photos on the desktop browser
  • Fake mode to protect from unexpected checks


  • Frequent pop-up ads

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

5. Gallery Lock – Best free app to hide photos and videos

Gallery Lock

Designed to offer robust security with advanced encryption, Gallery Lock is another great app to hide photos and videos on Android. It features an intuitive interface and comprehensive security measures to safeguard your sensitive content from third-party access.

Thanks to the stealth mode, you can hide the launch icon of the app for an additional layer of privacy. It also renders a watchdog feature with which the inbuilt camera clicks a picture of the intruder after a third failed password attempt.

I particularly liked how beautifully the app is designed to enhance the user’s experience further. Another good thing about this app is that it allows cloud backup to multiple platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Stealth mode to hide the launch icon
  • Secure folder with an additional layer of security
  • Effective privacy with the watchdog feature


  • The app might be complex for new users

Price: Free

6. Sgallery – Emphasizing simplicity and security


Looking for an app that offers the perfect blend of simplicity and security? Sgallery is the answer for you. The app features a clean, minimalist design with a user-friendly interface, offering a simple, straightforward solution to organize and protect your media files.

Sgallery uses an AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the content you do not wish to share with others. With the app, you can also keep your private notes hidden.

Apart from this, several other features, including traceless photo download, icon disguise ability, shake close, intruder selfie, fake password, etc., make it just the choice for people wishing to use a clean, uncluttered app with several features.

  • Fast and lightweight application
  • Intuitive design with a clean, minimalist look
  • An added feature of hiding private notes


  • The app leads you to random Ad webpages

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

7. Neo Vault – Advanced security for tech-savvy users

Neo Vault

Another fantastic app that I prefer to use to secure the privacy of photos and videos on my Android device is Neo Vault. It is one of the most efficient apps when it comes to offering advanced protection for digital assets and cutting-edge protection measures.

With its potent biometric authentication options, including fingerprint and facial recognition, the app aims to offer an extra layer of security for the access of encrypted data. It has also come up with a file shredder feature. Thus, you can securely delete sensitive files, making them completely irrecoverable.

My favorite attribute about this app is that it regularly updates its security protocols, staying ahead of emerging threats. It offers an enhanced, consistent protection for users’ data. Neo Vault is where you go if you’re a tech-savvy user seeking advanced security solutions.

  • Military-grade AES 256 encryption
  • File shredder feature
  • Potent advanced security solution


  • A lot of advertisements

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)

8. PhotoGuard – A secret photo vault and comprehensive privacy


I was so excited when I came across this hidden gem of an app. It is all you need if you are looking for comprehensive privacy. PhotoGuard, a powerful privacy app, has so much to offer with its innovative features and robust encryption!

Be it personal photos, confidential documents, or sensitive information, PhotoGuard’s advanced features ensure that your privacy remains intact. It features a secret encryption camera, which hides the secret photos you take directly in your hidden photo vault.

Other advanced features, including stealth mode, quick exit, secured backups, intruder detection, automatic vault backup and restore, and fake vault, add to the list of pros of this app. However, these advanced features are behind a paywall.

  • Advanced encryption techniques with discreet design
  • Secret camera to store the pictures directly in the hidden vault
  • Automatic vault backup and restoration


  • Limited free features

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

9. HideU – Disguised security

This one I like for how efficiently it offers disguised protection to my sensitive data. HideU displays as a fully functional calculator app on my phone.  Meanwhile, it cleverly hides and secures all data on my phone, including photos, videos, and documents, from prying eyes.

The app features a built-in video player and photo viewer app, allowing you to view all media through the app itself. Additionally, you can crop or edit the images, rotate videos, and adjust basic image parameters within the app.

While it lets you rest assured that your media and files are safe with this app at your disposal, it also ensures that in case you face trouble logging in to the app, you can retrieve your password by answering security questions, adding to its efficacy.

  • Offers innovative concept of privacy protection
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Adequate security measures with encrypted vaults


  • The app can be glitchy at times

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)

Keep your data safe from prying eyes!

Choosing the app for hiding photos and videos on your Android device that best suits your requirements is a task in itself. Each app I’ve added to this list caters to different user preferences, rendering numerous features and security measures.

Whether you prioritize simplicity, advanced security, or unique disguises, you’ll find a photo vault app that aligns with your needs. Take your pick from these options according to your personal needs, and rest assured that your data is safe.

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