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10+ Best Google Pixel 8 cases in 2024 

When you buy a new phone, you commit to keeping it safe. The value of your promise increases when you invest in feature-packed, pricey smartphones like the Google Pixel 8. Choosing the best protective case for your Google Pixel 8 is a crucial decision in fulfilling that commitment.

Our article on the best Google Pixel 8 cases serves as your comprehensive guide to navigating through a myriad of options, ensuring that you make an informed choice. From rugged armors to sleek designs, we’ve curated a list that considers both style and functionality. Let’s dive in!

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro – Editor’s Choice

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro best Google Pixel 8 case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro defines safety. Its multi-layered frame made using TPU and PC materials give the best drop protection. Moreover, the phone cover has cleared the 20-foot drop test and met the military drop standards. The case envelops the smartphone completely, saving it from impromptu slip offs.

The sleek ergonomic design of Beetle Pro feels great to hold and lightweight to carry in your pocket. In addition, a built-in screen protector guards your display against stains and scratches without reducing the touch responsiveness. The precise cutouts for buttons and ports give easy access to all your Google Pixel 8 features. 

An essential design component of this case is the attached kickstand. This adjustable kickstand gives a hands-free experience for movies, FaceTime calls, etc. There is also a belt-clip holster with 360-degree rotation for easy handling.

  • 20-foot drop tested 
  • Comes with a screen guard 
  • Precise cutouts for accessibility 
  • Built-in kickstand


  • Fingerprint issues with screen guard

2. Google Pixel 8 silicone case- Best silicone case

Google Pixel 8 silicone case

Say hello to the Google silicone case for Pixel 8. Made with polycarbonate, this versatile cover sits edge-on-edge atop your device to protect against drops, scratches, or bumps. By adding silicone, Google ensures your case feels soft and offers an excellent grip.

Do you know this stylish case from Google has gone through hundreds of hours of drop tests before reaching you? This saves you from the unforeseen oops moments that can empty your pockets in a blink. Plus, its sleek design fits perfectly in your pockets without adding a bulk.

Google knows your Pixel 8 fuels your work and personal life. Following this, the tech giant has added wireless charging support to this silicone case. Plus, the precise cutouts give undisturbed access to the camera, ports, and features—a perfect combination.

  • Soft silicone and PC frame 
  • Lightweight and sleek 
  • Supports wireless charging 
  • Multiple colors with a metallic touch


  • Less durable

3. Bellroy – Perfect for rich aesthetics 

Bellroy best Google Pixel 8 case

Bellroy leather case is a rich pick for safeguarding the security of your Google Pixel 8. Crafted using eco-tanned leather, the phone cover boasts a sleek profile that is easy to hold and carry around. The case is designed in collaboration between Bellroy and Google. So, you can expect an edge-to-edge coverage around your device.

The close-fit frame saves your Google Pixel 8 from slipping off the case while you face the everyday hustles. In addition, the flex polymer promises durability, and the polyester microfiber lining on the inside works as a soft bed to rest your phone.

Enjoy seamless accessibility with the tactile aluminum buttons aligned right atop your device buttons. Moreover, this case is compatible with wireless chargers to keep you running throughout the day. You also get a 3-year warranty with this case.

  • Super sleek design 
  • Soft microfiber lining
  • Aluminum buttons for easy access


  • Might collect dust 

4. Caseology Parallax – Mil-grade drop protection for Pixel 8

Caseology Parallax best Google Pixel 8 case

Here’s another popular pick from Caseology- the Parallax case for Google Pixel 8. Like most covers, Caseology Parallax features a polycarbonate and TPU frame that promises to keep your device safe. The case has undergone rigorous procedures to get the military-grade drop certification. 

Designed to precision, the Caseology Parallax case looks sleek and feels good in your hand. Its lightweight frame feels light even when carried in your pocket or backpack. Plus, the 3D Hexa Cube patterns on the back and textured sides give a steady grip on your smartphone. No, oops I dropped my phone crisis”.

You can also find raised bezels around the screen and a ring surrounding the back camera. They help you keep surface scratches away from your Pixel 8. Further, Parallax works with wireless chargers and screen protectors.

  • 3D Hexa cube design for grip 
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Raised ring around the camera
  • Compatible with wireless chargers


  • Sharp edges might bruise ear skin

5. TORRAS – Easy-to-use kickstand for perfect views 

TORRAS Magnetic Stand case best Google Pixel 8 case

Go hands-free with the TORRAS Magnetic stand case. As the name suggests, the phone cover has an invisible kickstand/ring, making it easy to align your smartphone in different positions. Surprisingly, the attached kickstand is flat and mingles effortlessly with the design, restoring the case’s sleek design. 

The TORRAS silicone case holds the 10FT military-grade shockproof certification. It houses the brand’s patented X-Shock airbags, solid shockproof back, and shock-absorbing bumpers. Another layer of safety comes from the raised bezels around the screen and camera. Plus, the camera airbag offers safety from everyday wear. 

For charging, the TORRAS Magnetic case features the Halbach Array and next-gen N52SH neodymium magnets. It snaps to all MagSafe chargers and accessories for a quick power boost in less time. Lastly, the coatings keep this case free from stains and fingerprints.

  • Slim but solid build 
  • Bumpers for extra safety 
  • Adjustable ring for positioning 
  • Multiple coatings


  • Not ideal for car mounts

6. Caseology Nano Pop – Strong grip for clumsy users 

Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Case

Gift your Google Pixel top-notch protection with Caseology Nano Pop case. This silicone case offers a snug fit for your smartphone that feels light and slim when carried inside your pocket. Along with its duo-tone aesthetic frame, the case provides military-grade drop safety for your precious device at a budget-friendly price.

The raised edges around the display and rear camera save them from collecting surface scratches. Your lenses and screen enjoy complete safety from surface scratches. In addition, the textured side patterns improve grip on the device, ensuring safety from impromptu slip-offs. Plus, the case doesn’t attract lint or dirt easily.

Feel free to power up your Google Pixel 8 using wireless chargers with the case on. Also, despite its ideal fit, Nano Pop doesn’t meddle with screen protectors. This mobile case is perfect for adding bold vibes to your personality.

  • Sleek silicone frame 
  • Textured sides offer better grip 
  • Works with wireless chargers 
  • Multiple colors to choose from 


  • Might feel bulky

7. Mous-Intralock – Ideal for adventure lovers 

Mous Intralock best Google Pixel 8 case

Mous-Intralock phone case is ideal for users who love riding bikes or shooting vlogs. Designed using polycarbonate, this versatile cover snaps firmly on IntraLock accessories, like a bike mount, to safeguard your Pixel 8 during outdoor expeditions. Plus, the AiroShock defensive technology absorbs and disperses the impact from drops, keeping your phone safe.

The slim build of the Mous Interlock case might create doubt in your mind about its potential. But you can trust the smart design of this cover to deflate any harm directed to your Pixel 8. Where the raised edges protect the display and the back against severe impacts, the camera bezels keep your lenses scratch-free. 

With its integrated magnetic array, you can enjoy fast wireless charging anywhere and anytime. You can use it with your favorite MagSafe accessories for an immersive experience. Further, the case has tactile buttons and precise cutouts to access ports and features easily.

  • Raised bezels for screen and camera 
  • Slim and lightweight build 
  • Works with IntraLock accessories


  • Sharp-end edges 
  • Buttons are tight

8. Humixx Shockproof – Shock-absorbing corners for drop safety 

Humixx Shockproof best Google Pixel 8 case

Coming from Humixx, the Shockproof case is a worthy consideration for Google Pixel 8 users. This translucent case boasts a slim profile, silk-like touch, and an elegant look that blends with your style. In addition, the Nano Oleophobic coating doesn’t allow ugly stains, fingerprints, and scratches to collect on your device.

The Humixx Shockproof case offers 12-ft mil-grade drop protection using reinforced shock-absorbing corners and soft TPU bumpers with a non-slip polymer coating. The combo keeps your phone safe during falls and provides a solid grip and a smooth touch. Its comfortable design makes handling a breeze every day.

The raised bezels around the camera and screen strive to safeguard your display and lenses from scratches, shatters, or damages. Further, there are responsive buttons and precise cutouts for ports, buttons, and features. However, it also supports all wireless chargers to give an instant power boost to your device while you wander.

  • TPU bumpers for safety 
  • Slim and lightweight 
  • Works with wireless chargers


  • Not ideal with MagSafe chargers 

9. Spigen Tough Armor – Perfect for a rough usage 

Spigen Tough Armor best Google Pixel 8 case

As the name suggests, the Spigen Tough Armor is a rough-tough phone cover custom-designed for your Google Pixel 8. It features Extreme Protection technology to ensure military-grade protection from drops, falls, or bumps. In addition, the shock-absorbing air cushions dissipate the impact from shocks before they damage your precious smartphone.

The case has sharp curves that effortlessly mingle with its edgy look. Moreover, there are raised edges around the camera and screen to keep them safe from surface scratches, breaks, or stains. Plus, it works with wireless chargers to ensure fast charging on the go.

The case is designed for Pixel 8 and has cutouts that align perfectly with your device’s ports, buttons, and features. Further, the built-in kickstand elevates the design factor and offers the best viewing experience on your smartphone. Enjoy your movies hands-free while you munch on popcorn.

  • Comes with a kickstand
  • Wireless charging compatible 
  • Features precise cutouts


  • Unsure about grip

10. Ringke Onyx – Elevated bezels for camera safety 

Ringke Onyx best Google Pixel 8 case

The Ringke Onyx case is likely to grab your attention for all the good reasons. Featuring a TPU frame, this stylish case has a slim and lightweight build that you can easily hold in your hands or carry in your pockets. Plus, the material stretches perfectly to cover your smartphone from all the edges. You won’t find your device peeking out from the loose ends in the corners. 

Like most cases, the Ringke Onyx case also offers military-grade protection from drops or slip-offs. One of the major contributors to this success is the non-slip patterns adorning the sides of this beautiful case. They not only give a firm grip on your device but also add a handy touch. 

An essential part of the design is the exclusive cutout for the rear camera lenses and flash. These raised edges keep your camera safe from surface scratches without meddling with your photo-taking skills. Further, the case is fully compatible with wireless chargers for Google Pixel 8.

  • Precise cutout for the camera 
  • Anti-fingerprint technology 
  • Non-slip patterns for easy grip


  • Extra hard material 

11. Rosbtib folio case – Best Google Pixel 8 wallet case 

Rosbtib Flip Case best Google Pixel 8 case

Warning! My next Google Pixel 8 case suggestion might make you melt. Say hello to the Rosbtib folio case- a potpourri of quality, safety, and style. The faux leather frame of this Pixel 8 cover is decorated with beautiful carvings of flowers, plants, and a cat. Plus, its sleek design fits easily in your hand and pockets without giving a bulky feel.

Besides leather, the case includes a TPU inner shell to absorb the impact from sudden drops, falls, or everyday wear and tear. Moreover, on the inside, this Google Pixel 8 case with a cardholder has separate slots for keeping your ID cards and bills. You can also use the case as a stand for a convenient hands-free streaming experience.

Where the flap guards your screen against scratches, stains, and fingerprints, the magnetic clasp ensures your belongings do not sneak out of the cover. Furthermore, the custom cutouts give easy access to all the features and ports of your Google Pixel 8.

  • Soft PU leather frame
  • Has card and money slots 
  • Magnetic clasp for security


  • Might feel bulky in pockets

12. Case-Mate Touch of Pearl – Elegant looks and strong frame 

Case-Mate Touch of Pearl best Google Pixel 8 case

Case-Mate Touch of Pearl is hands-off one of the most beautiful Google Pixel 8 cases. Several stunning pearl elements and silver foil flakes stay locked in this stunning transparent resin case to create a unique safety guard. Also, no two Touch of Pearl covers are identical, bestowing you with a one-of-a-kind art piece.

The creators have designed this case to offer 12ft drop protection to your device. Moreover, its shock-absorbing materials and soft cushion corners save you from worrying about damage against drops or bumps. Plus, the raised bezels prevent surface scratches from spoiling your camera and screen.

Wireless charging support offered by this cover makes it easy to keep your Google Pixel 8 power-packed during busy schedules. Also, this clean cover will not turn yellow because of its UV protection coating. You can use it for as long as you want.

  • Transparent, slim case 
  • UV protected frame 
  • Raised bezels for extra safety 
  • Works with wireless chargers


  • Difficult to install and remove 

How I chose these Google Pixel 8 cases? 

I started with brands I have used personally or have seen my family and friends using for years. A small discussion with my team helped me expand my options. Lastly, I explored trusted portals to find more brands to include in my list.

While compiling this list, I focused on three primary criteria: design, drop protection, and price. Eventually, I picked Google Pixel 8 cases that efficiently cater to users with different purposes and preferences.

Will the Pixel 8 case fit the Pixel 7? 

No, the Pixel 8 case won’t fit the Pixel 7. This is because the Google Pixel 8 is smaller and thinner than its predecessor. 

Will my case interfere with wireless charging? 

If your case features a magnetic array, it will facilitate wireless charging without any hindrance.

Wrapping up 

Smartphone covers are a blessing that can keep your Google Pixel 8 safe and stylish. If you plan to buy a new case, I hope you will find a match on this list. And if you do, share it in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.


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