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How to clear app cache on Android (why you should do it)

Clearing the app cache is the first thing I try if my Android device lags or an app is not working properly. More often than not, it proves to be effective. If your device’s performance is sluggish or some apps run slow or crash, it might be due to a significant accumulation of app cache and data.

In this blog, I will explain cache files and the steps for clearing the app cache on your Android device.

What is cache on Android?

Cache memory is temporary storage that comprises frequently used data, app files, images, video snippets, web page copies, and other resources associated with an app or a website. This stored data reduces load time and allows quicker access to frequently used data.

The cache is stored in different forms, namely, app cache, system cache, and web cache. When you reaccess the data or page, the device or app first checks the cache, and if the data is present, it is fetched from the cache instead of the network or other sources.

While this generally reduces the processing time, the accumulation of cache can affect the device’s and the app’s memory, reducing speed.

Why should you clear cache memory on Android?

Clearing the cache on an Android is like decluttering a drawer. It offers several benefits, such as improved device performance and reduced storage space usage. Also, it often fixes glitches and bugs an app might have been experiencing.

Additionally, your cached data might also contain private data, like your login credentials or browsing history. Clearing it removes these credentials, thus adding security to the device and your personal information.

When should you clear the app cache on Android?

While clearing the cache helps declutter the device and improve its performance, it shouldn’t be done regularly. Clearing the cache too often defeats the purpose of reducing an app’s load time.

Here are some situations when you should consider clearing the cache of the app:

  • If your Android phone is running slow and the apps are taking longer to load
  • If a particular app is acting up, i.e., it keeps crashing or freezing repeatedly
  • In case your device overheats while you are using it
  • Facing storage issues

Now you have a good understanding of Android app cache files, let’s jump into the steps to delete them.

How to clear app cache on Android phone

As I mentioned above, clearing cache files is not a regular practice. With that in mind, follow the steps below to delete the app cache on an Android:

  1. Open Settings on your Android phone.
  2. Go to Storage → Tap Apps.

    Open Settings, Go to Storage, and Tap on Apps
  3. Select the app for which you wish to delete the cache.
  4. Tap Clear cache.
    Tap on desired app and Hit Clear cache

This will automatically delete the app cache from your Android device. Follow the same steps for other apps one by one because you cannot clear all caches on a device at once.

Besides, you can try clearing the DNS cache on Android to boost the device’s performance. While the app cache stores the temporary data generated by an app, the DNS cache stores the information regarding previously accessed domain names and their corresponding IP addresses.

How to clear app data on Android phone

While clearing the cache on Android can solve several issues, you may need to clear an app’s data to troubleshoot persistent errors and free up storage space. Clearing app data erases all its files, settings, accounts, and databases—basically, it’s a factory reset for your app.

To clear app data on an Android,

  1. Go to the system’s Settings.
  2. Tap StorageApps.

    Open Settings on Android phone, Go to Storage, and Tap on Apps
  3. Choose the app whose data you wish to delete.
  4. Tap Clear storage → Finally, hit Delete.

    Select the desired app, Tap on Clear storage, and Hit Delete

However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, you can use an Android cache cleaner app. 

Clear app cache using third-party applications

You might have encountered ads from Android cleaner apps claiming they can significantly boost performance and free up space by clearing all app cache at once and removing unused images and videos.

They offer valuable services if you carefully choose a decent Android cleaner app. However, they consume more storage on your device than an app’s cached data. Plus, these apps running in the background might slow down the device instead of optimizing its performance.

How do I free up space on my Android?

Apart from clearing the cache, you can empty the trash on Android or use efficient file managers to clear the device of clutter.

Will clearing the app cache delete everything?

No, clearing the cache removes the temporarily stored information and the corrupted data. However, your personal data, app settings, etc., remain safe and untouched.

How to clear Chrome browser cache on Android?

To clear the cache on the Chrome browser on an Android, open Chrome → Tap three dots icon menuClear browsing data → Select time frame → Check the box for Cached images and filesClear data → Select sitesClear.

Signing off…

Clearing the cache often solves most Android issues. However, there are other ways to fix Android problems. Rebooting the device is a simple way that proves to be quite effective. If the problem persists, you can enter your Android into safe mode to examine the root of the issue.

Lastly, if your device still malfunctions despite trying everything, you might have to consider factory resetting it.

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