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How to get iOS 17 StandBy mode on any Android phone


  • Android users can customize the Always On Display or use third-party apps to get the iOS 17 StandBy mode.
  • StandBy mode turns the Lock Screen into a smart display that shows information like date, time, weather, etc.
  • This feature is activated when the phone is charging in landscape mode.

Have you ever wished to get the efficiency of iOS 17 StandBy mode on your Android phone? Well, I’ve some quick hacks to put your Android phone in StandBy mode and keep essential information handy.

Using iOS 17 StandBy mode on your Android phone is easier than you think! Below, I’ll share what the StandBy mode does and how you can get it on an Android phone!

How to get iOS 17 StandBy mode on Android phone

If your phone has the Always On Display feature, you may customize it to replicate the iPhone’s StandBy mode. AOD shows up when your phone is locked and not being used. Besides, you may add widgets to your AOD to make it more informative.  

In case you want a more exclusive experience of iOS StandBy mode for Android, use third-party apps like:

These apps offer personalized interfaces, fonts, clock faces, color themes, widgets, and much more!

How to use StandBy Mode on Android using Standby Mode Pro app

  1. Download StandBy Mode Pro from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app → Tap Continue.

  3. Tap the next (>) icon twice.
  4. Toggle on all the permissions → Tap the next (>) icon.
    It may redirect to your Settings app to grant access.

  5. Select the X icon to use the Free version.

  6. Now, tap Edit side.

  7. Tap Add Widget.

  8. Here, you will find the following options:
    • Digital Watch

    • Analog Watch

    • Work: You can add Stopwatch, To-do, Calendar, and Date widgets.

    • Media: Add Photos and Spotify media controls as widgets.

    • Battery

    • Weather

  9. Tap the Add button to select the widget.
  10. Hit Done.
    To add another widget, tap the plus icon.

  11. Similarly, add widgets on the other side.

That’s all; it’s time to use StandBy mode on your Android phone!

Simply plug in the charger of your phone or place it on a wireless charger in landscape mode. You will see the selected widgets on your Android phone’s lock screen.

Swipe up and down to reveal more widgets. If any widget is not showing up, go to SettingsAppsStandBy → Check the Permissions.

Now that you have got iOS 17 StandBy mode on your Android phone, let’s explore the features.

Customize StandBy mode on your Android phone

Interestingly, these third-party apps for Android offer more customization options than the iPhone. However, advanced features like Focus mode, Weather, etc., are in the premium version.

To customize your StandBy mode screen:

  1. Launch the StandBy Mode Pro app.
  2. Tap the gear icon under the widget.

  3. Choose the layout → Tap the screen.


To adjust the StandBy settings:

  1. Open the StandBy Mode Pro app → Zoom out the interface with two fingers.
  2. Here, you can enable/disable app settings.
  3. Tap General → Toggle on Burn-in protection.

  4. Go to Auto Close → Toggle on Auto Close on Unplug.

  5. Select Night Mode → Toggle on Night mode.
    You may set Custom Red Tint Strength.


Enabling Night mode will make the interface turn red immediately. So, after using it at night, you need to disable it the next morning. Luckily, there is an option to schedule Night mode, but it’s behind the paywall.

If you find the premium features intriguing, you may make a one-time purchase. It will also remove the nosy ads.

How to enable StandBy mode on Samsung phones? 

Samsung phones running OneUI 5 or above offer StandBy mode. To enable it, go to Settings → Select Lock Screen → Tap Always On Display (must be enabled) → Select Show always → Tap Screen Orientation → Choose Landscape. Now, lock the device, and StandBy mode will appear in a few seconds. Tap the screen and swipe up and down to see widgets. 

Why third-party StandBy apps are not working on my Android phone?

You must ensure the Always On Display feature is enabled on your Android phone. Also, you may inspect the Lock Screen settings to fix the issue.

Experience iOS on Android!

That was my roundup on getting StandBy mode in Android! With numerous customization options, a user-friendly interface, and lock screen widgets, several apps let you enjoy this useful iOS 17 feature on your Android device.

If you have any issues while setting up the StandBy mode, please let me know in the comment below. I will be happy to help!


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